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Prince Harry had to wait five years longer than his mum Diana, Princess of Wales wanted for him to receive his inheritance.

The Duke of Sussex was only 12 when his mother tragically died in a car crash in Paris in 1997.

Before her untimely death, Diana had written down her final wishes, including what she wanted to leave to her sons and when they should receive it.

She had special items set aside for Prince William and Harry, with one of these later used by William to propose to Kate.

Diana’s original will, signed on June 1, 1993, and amended in 1996, included Harry.

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Diana’s famous 1981 wedding dress was meant to be gifted to Harry and William when Harry turned 30.

The stunning garment, adorned with thousands of pearls and silk layers, had a 25ft long train.

This prized piece was returned to her sons in 2014 after worldwide exhibitions.

Besides the dress, the princes received other valued personal mementoes that belonged to their mother.

Earl Spencer, Diana’s brother, once cared for these items. The iconic dress was also displayed at an exhibition in the US, fundraising for the Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.

Designer David Emmanuel said in 2014: “That gown has earned its keep. It has been around the globe many, many times.

“I think more people abroad have seen it than British people. What’s extraordinary is, after so many years, people are still talking about it.”

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