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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s charity Archewell saw £8.7million ($11million) fewer donations in 2023 as the couple appear to have been abandoned by donors.

In 2021, the Foundation garnered slightly more than £10.3 million ($13 million) in contributions from various benefactors. However, this year, the couple experienced a substantial decline, as only two donors contributed, each providing just a fraction of the total from the previous year.

Detailed financial records reveal that these two donors contributed £795,210 ($1 million) each, marking a significant decrease of over £8.7 million ($11 million) compared to the previous year.

Royal commentator Neil Sean has since claimed the couple are looking to reignite donations with a behind-the-scenes charity video.

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He claimed on his YouTube channel: “They’re looking at another video to try and reinstigate some interest in this, showing a little bit deeper into their meaningful and productive work.”

In the video dropped in early December, the couple are filmed hugging veterans and taking selfies to highlight the “impact” of their Archewell Foundation.

It comes as Harry and Meghan’s neighbours are reportedly fed up with the royal couple and can’t wait for them to leave their posh Californian town.

The Duke and Duchess have been living in Montecito for a few years, but it seems that their neighbours have had enough, especially Meghan.

A local source told The News: “Meghan is high and mighty and we cannot wait for her to go.”

This comes after a tough week for the pair, as Royal fans have united in calling for their royal titles to be stripped.

Angry members of the public want the duo to lose their official titles following the release of Omid Scobie’s latest book, Endgame. Even Bob Seely, a Tory MP, has joined the campaign.

The book has sparked several controversies, including naming Royal family members who allegedly questioned the colour of Meghan and Harry’s son in the Dutch edition, which has since been pulled from shelves.

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