Prince Harry and Meghan Markle advised to ‘come out of a new box’ | Royal | News

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  • Post published:January 3, 2024
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He expands on the fractured relationships, saying, “I’m sure that’s a great pain to him because every time you see the King with his family, it’s very obvious he has a tactile approach.”

And goes back to Charles’ upbringing: “He shows the affection to his family that perhaps as a child he didn’t receive himself.”

But, it’s not just Harry, Meghan is estranged from most of her family, with Cole saying: “We have a situation where Megan is hardly on speaking terms with any member of her family apart from her mother and one niece.”

Cole suggests “coming out of a new box,” but he doesn’t actually say what that might be. Even so, he’s not alone in giving advice, there are plenty who have something to say about the Sussexes, whether it be to stop talking or stop pursuing media, but they aren’t necessarily saying what they would like to see or what can work for the Sussexes.

There is the expression, “Listen to the strongest voice in the room,” which is yours, and possibly Harry and Meghan have heard that expression, too, and plan to follow the mantra. It’s only the first week of the New Year, time will tell.

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