Prince Andrew’s daughter is ’embarrassed to celebrate her birthday with him’ | Royal | News

Prince Andrew’s youngest daughter “maybe feels she wants to get away from the scandal” involving her father for her birthday, according to a royal expert.

Princess Eugenie is turning 34 on March 23 but reports have suggested she is avoiding celebrations in the UK – opting instead for an intimate gathering with her husband and children in Portugal.

The decision comes amidst familial tensions and health concerns plaguing the royal household.

Eugenie has reportedly distanced herself from her father following his entanglement in a high-profile sex scandal involving convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

The Duke, 64, has faced accusations of impropriety, including allegations of sexual relations with underage girls and association with Epstein’s illicit activities. He has consistently and vehemently denied all accusations.

The couple resides in a lavish £3.6 million property within a prestigious golf club, displaying no intentions of returning to the UK anytime soon.

This choice of locale for birthday festivities comes amidst ongoing health battles for Eugenie’s mother, Sarah Ferguson, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last summer and recently faced the alarming diagnosis of malignant melanoma.

Despite concerns over her mother’s well-being, Princess Eugenie seems resolute in her decision to remain abroad.

While acknowledging Eugenie’s familial ties to London, Angela Levin emphasized the princess’s contentment with her current lifestyle in Portugal, suggesting that she may opt for a sun-soaked celebration with her immediate family rather than returning to the UK for festivities.

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