Polls show more than half of Britons don’t want the government to fund the Coronation – Royal Central

According to a new poll by YouGov, more than half of Britons do not think the government should fund King Charles’s Coronation.

The new poll was carried out just a couple of weeks before Their Majesties King Charles and Queen Camilla are crowned at Westminster Abbey on 6 May. To be exact, 51% of adults are against the government funding the big event; 32% believe the government should fund it, and 18% are unsure of their opinion.

More than 4,200 adults were surveyed, with a majority (62%) of those between the ages of 18 and 24 against the Coronation being funded by the government. In this particular age group, 15% favoured the funding. Those over 65 were nearly split down the middle, with 43% believing in the government funding the historical event and 44% being against it.

The Coronation will cost millions of pounds, ultimately leaving taxpayers to foot the bill. As of this article’s publication, the budget for the historic national state occasion has not been revealed, and the government has not commented on the expected total cost. Critics say the event wastes taxpayer money because of the cost-of-living crisis and the wage strike of doctors, teachers, and other public servants.

For reference, the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II cost £912,000 in 1953, which in today’s money, would be about £20.5 million. When Charles’s grandfather, King George VI, was crowned in 1937, the event cost £454,000, which would now be about £24.8 million – making this the most expensive Coronation in the last 300 years.

The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Oliver Dowden, has previously said The King and government are mindful of ensuring the Coronation has value for taxpayers and will not be “lavish or excess.” As seen with Jubilees and other events, it is likely we will learn more about the total cost and breakdown and funding after 6 May.

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