Nine bombshells revealed in latest royal book – including Prince Harry’s ‘fury’ & Queen’s ‘REAL feelings about Meghan’

NINE astonishing bombshells have been revealed in the latest royal book.

New information includes the shocking reality behind Prince Harry’s rage and the Queen’s real feelings about Meghan.


The Princess of Wales, the Prince of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex walking to meet members of the public at Windsor CastleCredit: PA

A brand new book that explores the life of King Charles is set to be released – and it’s full of bombshells about the lives of the royals.

Our King Charles III: the Man and the Monarch by veteran royal correspondent Robert Jobson is jam-packed with shocking claims about the Princess of Wales and Meghan Markle, the Mirror reported.

Royal biographer Robert Jobson joined Jeremy Kyle Live on TalkTV to unpack several of his revelations.

He said: “It’s the truth. The reality is that it may have caused ructions with people that have been believing some of the stuff that Harry has been putting out.

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“It’s a book about the King… It’s really a proper biography of the King.”

Here’s a rundown of nine of the biggest reveals in the book.

Harry’s behaviour after the Queen’s death shocked Royals

At the top of the list is the book’s claim that Harry made demands just hours before the Queen’s death – which shocked royals.

Harry had been in the UK when the Queen fell ill.

He boarded a plane and flew north alone to be at her bedside at Balmoral.

But she sadly passed away before he arrived and claims he read about her death on the BBC.

The book claims: “Close sources said he had decided not to fly up to Scotland with his brother and uncles after a disagreement over his wife, Meghan.

“When Harry insisted that she should accompany him, it was his father who told him she couldn’t come.”

Harry’s demands apparently have “not gone down well” with the family who were left “shocked by his behaviour”.

Queen checked Sandringham Summit meeting room for ‘bugs’

One part of the book covers the so-called Sandringham Summit, where the late Queen, Charles and William joined with Harry to discuss his and Meghan’s ‘Megxit’ deal.

The Queen summoned Prince Harry, Prince William, and Prince Charles to Sandringham in January for crunch talks about Meghan and Harry’s future in the Royal Family.

According to Jobson, the late monarch ordered the meeting room be swept for bugs in case of any recording devices which could leak details of the crucial talks to the press.

Queen met with ‘curt three-word reply’ from Meghan

The book also claims Meghan left the late Queen surprised with her “curt three-word” response after she offered her some important advice.

According to Jobson, sources claim the Queen advised Meghan to spend time with Sophie, Countess of Wessex (now the Duchess of Edinburgh), for support, to which she replied, “I’ve got Harry”.

Jobson says the Queen was “surprised” by the remark.

William’s ‘drastic’ strategy to handle Harry

Jobson also examines the consequences of Harry and Meghan’s bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview.

Speaking to Oprah Winfrey in California, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle blasted “racist” Britain, the Royal Family and the press, while highlighting Meghan’s mental health struggles.

According to Jobson, the tell-all chat shattered trust between Harry and his father and brother, which led to William employing a drastic new tactic to deal with the couple.

Jobson writes: “What concerned both Charles and his eldest son was Harry’s total lack of discretion; neither felt they could fully trust him again and they decided not to meet him alone in future.”

The Queen reportedly gave Meghan helpful advice


The Queen reportedly gave Meghan helpful adviceCredit: Getty
The King's coronation fast approaches


The King’s coronation fast approachesCredit: PA

High level discussions debated the future of Harry and Meghan’s titles

The book also claims Harry and Meghan having their Sussex titles stripped was “discussed at the highest level”.

However, Jobson adds: “The King is said not to be in favour of it, but other senior royals are less indulgent. Only time will tell.”

It comes after an exclusive Sun poll revealed the British public thinks Harry should be stripped of his titles for “embarrassing” and “exploiting” the Royal Family.

Harry’s outbursts ‘wearied’ the Queen

As well as this, tense exchanges between Harry and his brother had puzzled the Queen, the book claims, with the late-monarch thinking he and Meghan were “quite mad”.

In his interview on TalkTV, Jobson discussed Meghan’s influence on Harry.

He said: “I think the Queen felt, from what I understand from people close to them, that his judgement was –  he was so much in love with Meghan… that effectively it was clouding his judgement. That’s what Her Majesty thought.”

Explosive row on money led to Harry swearing at King Charles

Next up is the claim that Harry allegedly swore at his father King Charles during an explosive row over money.

Jobson reveals: “Prince Charles simply stopped taking Harry’s calls after his son swore at him and repeatedly asked for funds.

“When the Queen asked Charles why he hadn’t given in, he told her that he wasn’t a bank.”

Kate’s real feelings on a walkabout with Harry and Meghan

In the part of the book, which charts the aftermath of the Queen’s death it covers Harry and Meghan unexpectedly joining William and Kate for a Windsor walkabout.

Kate was said to have found a walkabout with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry one of the “hardest things she’s ever done”.

In the days after the Queen’s death the “fab four” appeared to put their differences aside as they stepped out of a car at Windsor Castle and spoke to mourners.

Jobson writes in Our King that the display of togetherness was merely an “illusion”, and that she “later admitted to a senior royal that such was the ill feeling between the two couples, the joint walkabout was one of the hardest things she’d ever had to do”.

Staff joked Harry was Meghan’s hostage

One of the most sensational claims in the book is that cruel royal insiders described Harry as “Meghan’s hostage”.

Palace insiders reportedly joked about Harry being a “hostage” of wife Meghan Markle and blamed her for the family’s “fallout”.

Aides also claimed he was a “victim of Stockholm syndrome”, Jobson writes.

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The book reveals some senior officials believed Harry should be stripped of his Duke of Sussex title after Megxit.

Prince William, left, and Prince Harry were pictured walking together


Prince William, left, and Prince Harry were pictured walking togetherCredit: AP
Plenty has been revealed about Meghan and Harry in the new book


Plenty has been revealed about Meghan and Harry in the new bookCredit: Splash

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