Meghan’s new business venture slammed by Sharon Osbourne ‘Nothing’s worked’ | Royal | News

“They’ve tried a bit of everything, and nothing’s worked so far,” she told TalkTV host JJ Anisiobi.

Although Sharon didn’t seem convinced, she conceded the business could do well if her range of items were actually worth buying and “reasonably priced”.

“I think it depends. Everything depends on what she’s flogging,” she added.

“If it’s good quality and it’s at a reasonable price. Why not? It could work.”

The Sussexes remain divisive after leaving the Royal Family in 2020, so Sharon also offered some advice to help improve their image.

“I think they’ve got to stop making themselves so accessible,” she suggested.

“It’s like, you know, they turn up to the opening of an envelope, and I think that they’ve got to really pull back.”

Meghan still hasn’t shared anything new since the launch of American Riviera Orchard in mid-March.

She’s speculated to be selling a range of home and kitchenware products, food and cosmetics.

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