Meghan Markle’s ‘popularity problem’ plagues Sussexes as people have ‘soft spot’ for Harry | Royal | News

The British public may not be as receptive to Meghan Markle possibly returning to the UK as they would be to Prince Harry rejoining the royal fold, a commentator has suggested.

During GB News’ breakfast programme, TV hosts Ellie Costello and Anne Diamond discussed reports the Duchess of Sussex is searching for a British PR advisor to boost her public image in the UK.

Referring to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ departure from the Royal Family and the country and the vitriolic statements made against the Firm over the past four years, Ms Diamond said: “I think we’d forgive her if they came back and did the right things.

“You know, brought the children, did a bit of waving. Apparently, there is a chance that the Invictus Games is going to come back to Britain next time, so we are going to see a bit more of Prince Harry around.

“I think we’d forgive them if they just did the right things. Do they have to say sorry, though? I don’t think they are going to do that. They are expecting a ‘sorry’.”

Prince Harry himself addressed the Royal Family in an interview with the Telegraph released in early 2023.

At the time, he demanded an apology from the Firm for his wife, saying: “You know what you did, and I now know why you did it. And you’ve been caught out, so just come clean.”

Ms Costello didn’t seem as convinced the British public would embrace once again the Duchess should she return to Britain.

She said: “I think people would definitely forgive Harry, I think there is still a lot of love and affection for Harry, especially after what happened to his mother, people do have a soft spot in their hearts for Harry.”

These remarks came as speculation the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may step in to fill the vacuum left in the royal ranks by the health issues being experienced by the Princess of Wales and King Charles.

However, these rumours were dismissed by the Palace.

When it comes to her popularity in the UK, Meghan is the second-least popular member of the Royal Family in a ranking created by pollster YouGov in its rolling popularity chart.

An increased PR presence in the UK would not just serve the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s popularity but also help boost the impact of their non-profit Archewell Foundation, currently carrying out most of its project Stateside.

While the rumours of Meghan and Harry possibly returning into the royal fold have been circulating following King Charles’s cancer diagnosis and Princess Kate’s prolonged absence from the public eye following her abdominal surgery, a palace source last month slapped down chances of them ever being allowed to play a role in the Firm.

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