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Meghan Markle is set to pen her own bombshell memoir following the success of Prince Harry’s Spare which was released in January 2023.

The book gave insight into the royal’s life up until he chose to step down from senior duties and move to LA.

Now his 42-year-old wife “fully intends” to write her own book but it may not come out for a few years.

The Duchess of Sussex has piqued the interest of multiple publishers according to royal commentator Neil Sean but he went on to claim that the mother-of-two has been asked to produce three chapters before receiving any form of payment.

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He claimed on his YouTube channel: “A few publishers did show interest, they feel they can make a buck but it’s all about the money they would have to shell out.

“Can you imagine the humiliation when they said they’d like to see at least three chapters first to see how the story pans out.

“In the world of publishing, this means one thing. They want to see if you’ve got a worthwhile story.

“The sticking point is they can’t trust giving anything out to a publisher without top level security because it could get leaked and then the whole deal will be ruined.”

Meghan has been working on “rebuilding her brand” after it was announced the 41-year-old has signed with the talent agency William Morris Endeavor.

The Duchess of Sussex, who has remained tight-lipped since Prince Harry’s bombshell memoir, Spare appeared on the shelves, has faced a momentous amount of criticism including being mocked on South Park and Family Guy.

Royal expert Richard Kay has claimed the royal may be “putting water” between her and Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare.

But he warned staying out of the public eye could make it “harder” for Meghan to kickstart her new brand.

He told Palace Confidential: “I think we can be sure that one thing she is really doing is being a mum and spending time with her children but it is interesting.

“Is it because she wanted to give a bit more space to Harry who had so much to get off his chest this year with his ghastly book and his interviews about his family.

“Maybe she wanted to put a bit of clear blue water between what he had to say and what’s she’s going to do next, didn’t want to taint her brand.

“However, what is her brand and will that brand still be there? The longer she’s out of the public eye, the harder it will be to kickstart it.”

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