Meghan and Harry’s ‘staged’ display is a way of sticking their tongues out at royals ahead of coronation, expert says

PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle are “staging” public outings to “stick their tongues out” at the royal family before the coronation, an expert has claimed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were last night spotted giggling and pulling faces on the big screen at a basketball game in California.


Harry and Meghan last night cosied up at a basketball game
At one point, the Duke of Sussex leant in for a smooch on the 'kiss cam'


At one point, the Duke of Sussex leant in for a smooch on the ‘kiss cam’
It comes as Harry is set to jet home for his father's coronation


It comes as Harry is set to jet home for his father’s coronation

The pair were filmed waving and smiling as they watched the Lakers’ in action in Meghan’s home town of Los Angeles.

They appeared on the big screen above the court and seemed to tease that it was a ‘kiss cam’ as Harry leaned in for a smooch before laughing it off.

But royal biographer Angela Levin claims the couple’s behaviour may just all be show before the duke heads off to Britain.

Speaking to The Sun she said: “They’re trying to show that they are so happy and in love with their giggling like two teenagers.

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“It looks incredibly phoney. It looks like they are playing up in public after all of the begging for privacy they did.

“It’s over the top – like they’re playing a silly game.

“They’re trying to show that they are having a wonderful time in the US before Harry heads to ‘dreary’ England.

“He’s smiling ear to ear in LA but I don’t think he’ll be doing much smiling when he’s back with his family.”

It comes just days after they made the stunning announcement that Harry would attend the King’s coronation without Meghan.

He will jet to London for the May 6 event, while she will remain at their £12 million mansion in Montecito, California, to celebrate their son Archie’s fourth birthday, which falls on the same date.

The announcement sparked a row after reports that the Duchess’ decision was influenced by a split with the Royal Family over allegations of “unconscious bias”.

But the Sussexes described the alleged reasoning as “ridiculous and false”.

Ms Levin added: “It seems quite staged up to show that they’re happy.

“With their appearances and their behaviour they are sticking their tongue out at the royal family.

“They are not following rules and protocol that would have been expected of them when they were in the royal family.

“Meghan’s not a working royal and she can dress how she likes.

“But I think in this case she is doing it to prove she’s not one of them – and separate herself from the firm.”

The pair are rarely seen in public outside of scheduled appearances but have been spotted a couple of times.

In February last year, Harry was seen at the Super Bowl alongside his cousin Princess Eugenie.

He and Meghan were also filmed dancing at a concert later that year, as they shared a drink and a hug.

Their basketball appearance comes after the Prince and Princess of Wales were snapped courtside at a Celtics game during their trip to Boston in December last year.

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