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Isabel of Portugal, Holy Roman Empress; Credit – Wikipedia

May 1, 1118 – Death of Matilda of Scotland, Queen of England, first wife of King Henry I of England, at the Palace of Westminster in London, England; probably buried at Westminster Abbey in London, England
In 1100, Matilda, the daughter of King Malcolm III of Scotland and his second wife Saint Margaret of Scotland, married King Henry I of England. Matilda and Henry had four children, but only two survived childhood. Matilda accompanied her husband in his travels throughout England and Normandy. She was a patron of music and poetry and commissioned a biography of her mother, The Life of Saint Margaret, attributed to Turgot of Durham. Influenced by her abbey upbringing and her mother Saint Margaret of Scotland, Matilda was pious and generous to the poor. Matilda died when she was about the age of 38 on May 1, 1118, at the Palace of Westminster in London. Matilda’s place of her burial is uncertain. One tradition says that she was buried at Winchester Cathedral in the old monastery and that around 1158 Henry of Blois, Bishop of Winchester had her remains placed in a mortuary chest which is now lost. Another tradition says Matilda was buried in Westminster Abbey at the entrance of the chapter house and then later reburied to the south of Edward the Confessor’s shrine by King Henry III.
Unofficial Royalty: Matilda of Scotland, Queen of England

May 1, 1539 – Death of Isabel of Portugal, Holy Roman Empress, Queen of Spain wife of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor/Carlos I, King of Spain and mother of King Felipe II of Spain, in Toledo, Spain; originally buried in the Royal Chapel of Granada in Spain, later her remains were moved to buried to the Royal Site of San Lorenzo de El Escorial in El Escorial, Spain
Isabella, Infanta of Portugal was the wife of her first cousin Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor who was also King of Spain, Archduke of Austria, Lord of the Netherlands, Duke of Burgundy, among many other titles. Charles and Isabella had five children but only three survived to adulthood. Their son Felipe would become King of Spain (1555 – 1598), King of Portugal (1581 – 1598), King of Naples and Sicily (1554 – 1598), Duke of Milan (1540 – 1598), Lord of the Seventeen Provinces of the Netherlands (1555 – 1598) and jure uxoris (by right of his wife) King of England and Ireland during his marriage to his second wife Queen Mary I of England from 1554 until Mary’s death in 1558. Isabella and Charles’ happy marriage lasted for thirteen years. In 1539, during the third month of Isabella’s seventh pregnancy, she developed a fever causing her to miscarry. The fever caused her condition to worsen and Isabella died two weeks later in Toledo, Spain, on May 1, 1539, aged thirty-five.
Unofficial Royalty: Isabella of Portugal, Queen of Spain, Holy Roman Empress

May 1, 1850 – Birth of Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, son of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, at Buckingham Palace in London, England
Full name: Arthur William Patrick Albert
Prince Arthur’s first two names were given in honor of his two godfathers: Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, Commander of the Coalition Army that defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo and a former Prime Minister (the prince was born on the Duke’s 81st birthday) and Prince Wilhelm of Prussia (later Wilhelm I, German Emperor, King of Prussia). Patrick was chosen to show his parents’ gratitude for the hospitality of the Irish people during their visit the previous year, and Albert, as his father Prince Albert wrote, “…Victoria’s love has always insisted on my name to finish up with.” Arthur was very much like his father in looks and was obedient, conscientious, and disciplined. He was Victoria’s favorite son: “This child is dear, dearer than any of the others put together, [after Albert] the dearest and most precious object to me on earth.” In 1879, Arthur married Princess Luise Margarete of Prussia, and the couple had three children. In 1911, in order to strengthen the links between the British monarchy and Canada, Arthur was appointed the first Governor-General of Canada who was a member of the Royal Family.
Unofficial Royalty: Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught

May 1, 1869 – Birth of Prince Friedrich Karl, Landgrave of Hesse, husband of Princess Margaret of Prussia, at his family’s estate Gut Panker in Plön, Holstein, Kingdom of Prussia, now in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Full name: Friedrich Karl Ludwig Konstantin
Known as Fischy, he married Princess Margaret of Prussia, daughter of Friedrich III, German Emperor, King of Prussia, and a granddaughter of Queen Victoria. They had six sons including two sets of twins. Two of their sons were killed in action during World War I and one was killed in action during World War II.
Unofficial Royalty: Prince Friedrich Karl, Landgrave of Hesse

May 1, 1920 – Death of Crown Princess Margaret of Sweden, born Princess Margaret of Connaught, wife of Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden, at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, Sweden; buried at Royal Burial Ground in Haga, Sweden
Margaret was the daughter of Queen Victoria’s son Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught. In 1905, Margaret married the future King Gustaf VI Adolf, then Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden, Duke of Skåne. The couple had four sons and one daughter, and the Danish and Swedish Royal Families are the descendants of Margaret and Gustaf Adolf. Margaret was eager to learn the Swedish language and history, endearing her to the Swedish public. During World War I in neutral Sweden, Margaret organized supply drives and acted as a go-between for her relatives whose Allied and Axis countries were divided by the war. In 1907, when Gustaf Adolf’s grandfather King Oscar II died and his father then became King Gustaf V, Gustaf Adolf and Margaret became the Crown Prince and Princess of Sweden. Margaret was eight months pregnant with her sixth child in 1920 when she underwent mastoid surgery. An infection set in, killing Margaret, at the age of 38, and her unborn child on May 1, 1920, her father’s 70th birthday. Her family along with the Swedish and British public mourned her death greatly.
Unofficial Royalty: Margaret of Connaught, Crown Princess of Sweden

May 1, 1963 – Birth of Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg, son of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg, at Betzdorf Castle in Betzdorf,  Luxembourg
Full name: Guillaume Marie Louis Christian
Guillaume is the youngest child of the five children of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg and Princess Joséphine-Charlotte of Belgium. In 1994, he married Sibilla Weiller, a distant cousin. Sibilla is a descendant of Queen Victoria via her youngest child Princess Beatrice. She is a granddaughter of Infanta Beatriz of Spain and a second cousin of King Felipe VI of Spain. Guillaume and his wife have four children. Guillaume and his wife live in Luxembourg and are often in attendance at major events in the Grand Duchy, as well as most family functions.
Unofficial Royalty: Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg

May 1, 1964 – Birth of Lady Sarah Chatto, daughter of Princess Margaret of the United Kingdom, born Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones at Kensington Palace in London, England
Full name: Sarah Frances Elizabeth
Sarah attended Bedales School where she developed an interest in art. This interest led her to attend the Camberwell College of Arts followed by coursework in Printed Textiles at Middlesex Polytechnic, before completing her studies at Royal Academy Schools where she won the Winsor & Newton Prize for emerging artists in painting and drawing in 1988 and the Creswick Landscape Prize in 1990.  Sarah continues to pursue her career as a painter and her work can be seen on the website of the gallery that represents her in the article linked below. In 1994, Sarah married Daniel Chatto, and the couple had two sons. Sarah and her family typically attend all the family functions and often spend the holidays with the Royal Family.
Unofficial Royalty: Lady Sarah Chatto

May 1, 2019 – Crown Prince Naruhito ascends the Chrysanthemum Throne of Japan as the 126th Emperor of Japan after the abdication of his father Emperor Akihito
Unofficial Royalty: Emperor Akihito of Japan
Unofficial Royalty: Emperor Naruhito of Japan
Unofficial Royalty: Ceremonies: Abdication of Emperor Akihito and Accession and Enthronement of Emperor Naruhito

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