King Charles requested Ibiza classics in Coronation Concert, DJ Pete Tong reveals

Dressed in a glistening, metallic-gold, voluminous dress, Perry made a dramatic entrance by walking out singing the opening lyrics to Roar as a drone projection of a lion’s head graced the sky above her.

The song was enjoyed by Princess Charlotte who could be seen singing along with the American pop star, next to her mother the Princess of Wales, who swayed along to the song.

The performance was accompanied by a dazzling light display, which lit up the audience and the sky.

Regal decoration and the image of a lion were also projected onto the halo-like screen above the stage and the other surrounding monitors.

Perry was also among the celebrity guests who attended the King and Queen’s Coronation service on Saturday along with fellow performers, including Lionel Richie.

At one point the pop star appeared to lose her seat at Westminster Abbey. A video shared widely on social media showed Perry walking in circles as she looks through the crowd to find her seat.

She later took to Twitter to respond after tens of thousands liked and shared the footage, writing: “Don’t worry guys I found my seat.”

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