I’m a royal expert – how Prince Harry was left with ‘no choice’ but to attend coronation & why UK won’t miss Meghan

A ROYAL expert has revealed that Prince Harry was left with “no choice” but to attend the coronation and claimed the UK won’t miss Meghan.

The couple’s attendance had been up in the air since they unleashed a string of explosive truth bombs about the Royals.


Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams says that Prince Harry was left with “no choice” but to attend the coronationCredit: Getty
Harry will attend King Charles' special day but Meghan will be absent


Harry will attend King Charles’ special day but Meghan will be absentCredit: Getty Images – Getty

However, nine days later, it was today confirmed that the Duke of Sussex will come alone, while Meghan and the kids stay at home in the US.

The King’s coronation takes place on May 6 – the same day as their son’s fourth birthday.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams has now told the Sun Prince Harry “had no choice” but to come to the coronation, and Meghan staying home is “for the best”.

He added: “There’s a very very deep rift in the royal family. He’s left it until three weeks before to tell them he’ll be there.

“Frankly Great Britain won’t miss the fact Meghan won’t be there. It’s of course important to Charles that his son is there.”

Mr Fitzwilliam pointed out the royal family would have “the greatest problem saying anything to Harry” because “it could appear in a book or on the television”.

“What we saw in December with Netflix and the book Spare and a whole series of interviews,” he added.

“Until that stops essentially he is an outsider but of course still a member.”

He said: “It’s important to ask him. The fact he’s coming and she isn’t, there you are. The Sussexes have been playing such destructive games. All I can say is if they hadn’t come Harry and Meghan would appear totally isolated.

“It’s King Charles’ big day. He’s been the longest serving apprentice in history.

“There’s a big rift there, frankly there’ll be relief that they know where they are.

“Don’t expect the public to mourn because they won’t. The attention should focus on Charles.”

The King’s coronation takes place on May 6 – the same day as their son’s fourth birthday.

Close pal Omid Scobie said this was a factor in the couple’s decision to be apart.

While another royal expert Adam Helliker blasted Meghan for turning down the invite after Charles “offered her a warm hand of friendship” when she and Harry married.

He said: “King Charles went the extra mile to send a warm hand of friendship welcoming Meghan into the family. He walked her down the aisle. Now any credit in the bank has been deleted by what he knows.

“Thankfully we all know through Harry’s book how Megan feels about the royal family. Charles is in the business of building a new era of monarchy. He can’t afford to be let down by one disaffected member.”

It comes as…

He added that the couple were “rude” to have left it so late to reveal their plans.

On March 4, it was revealed they’d made the cut, after Harry received an email from his dad’s office.

But the RSVP deadline of April 3 passed without the pair confirming their attendance with the Palace.

Helliker said: “It’s the last day before the deadline for orders of service. It lets Charles know where he stands and it’s a lost opportunity for her to support him as a new sovereign.

“It’s sad. It will deepen the rift and certainly won’t heal anything. It would have been great but she might be being sensible. She could be worried she would be booed in the streets and she might be open to insults.

“Charles will be glad to have his son there without the circus Meghan brings. He’s a family man. He’d be worried this could be seen as her cutting all pretence of affection.

“Had she come over there would be tension over her being an outsider. At least Harry is a blood royal.

“It’s a good chance for him and William to have a good old go at sorting things out without distraction.”

A question mark hung over Harry and Meghan since the Duke lobbed “truth bombs” – as he’s called them – at the Royal Family in his explosive memoir.

The couple were said to have been given eviction orders from Frogmore Cottage just 24 hours after Harry’s tell-all biography Spare hit shelves.

He then launched a fresh attack on his father in his first interview since his Frogxit eviction.

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The duke, 38, slammed his “incredibly painful” childhood and complained of being starved of hugs and attention.

He told physician Dr Gabor Maté during a £19-a-ticket global livestream to promote his book that he had to move his family to the US to break the “cycle of pain”.

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