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King Charles has “proven himself to be every bit a worthy successor” to his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth, a royal expert has claimed.

Royal commentator Rafe Heydel-Mankoo said that the monarch faces two big challenges for the future but he disagreed with the view that the Firm’s popularity was dwindling and pinpointed two key events during 2023 which showed it’s booming instead.

He told GB News: “[2022’s] Christmas speech was the most watched Christmas speech of the 21st century. The Coronation was the most watched event of the year.

“The King is trying to set the tone for his reign and also reveal to the public the sort of King he’s going to be. And I think he’s done that very well. I think the Coronation really symbolizes his attitude towards the monarchy.

“It retained the service, retained all of its majesty in its dignity, but it was tweaked to make it more relevant and more reflective of the modern world around us.

“And I think that’s really how the King views the monarchy under his reign. And of course, we’ve seen also you know internationally he’s been a huge success and proven himself to be every bit a worthy successor to his mother.”

However, the royal expert acknowledged the monarch faces two big challenges for the future.

He explained: “We have the most radically woke, left-wing youth in history and they’re not becoming more conservative, they don’t have as much support for the monarchy.

“And of course, we now have 4.2 million people who’ve arrived in the last decade. So, immigration is another problem.

“They don’t have the same cultural attachments or emotional attachments or historical knowledge. So those are two big challenges for the future.”

Elsewhere Heydel-Mankoo touched on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s 2023, branding it “disastrous” and a period that has made them into “a laughing stock globally”.

He added: “I think [2023] has been a disastrous year for the Montecito duo, topping and tailing with two disastrous books, Spare, which made them into a laughing stock globally, South Park and their worldwide privacy tour.

“We saw them being mocked by Family Guy in every late-night talk show. And it ended at the end of the year with Endgame written by Omid Scobie.

“Their poll ratings took a nosedive. They’ll be very happy to see an end to this year.”

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