I’m a lipreader and here’s what cheeky Prince Louis whispered to Princess Charlotte at the coronation

UNSURPSINGLY, it was Prince Louis that stole onlookers’ attention as the Royal Family waved to cheering crowds at Buckingham Palace this afternoon. 

However, there’s a sweet moment some may have missed, according to a professional lipreader. 


Prince Louis stole onlookers’ attention during The King’s Procession as he waved at the crowds that had gathered down The MallCredit: Reuters
However, a lipreader has suggested there's a sweet moment most of us may have missed


However, a lipreader has suggested there’s a sweet moment most of us may have missedCredit: PA

During The King’s Procession from Westminster Abbey this afternoon, Prince Louis was seen looking out and waving at the thousands who had gathered to watch the day’s celebrations. 

However, a lipreader at 121 Captions claims the Prince took a moment to remind his siblings what they should be doing during the short drive. 

Apparently, the young royal can be seen saying: “Just wave for the King.”

On Twitter, Coronation viewers shared their thoughts on the Prince’s behaviour throughout the day’s events. 

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One wrote: “He’s adorable… love he’s cheeky little expressions.”

Alongside a photo of Princess Charlotte holding her brother’s hand in Westminster Abbey, another added: “They’re the only reason I’ve watched any of this!” 

Someone else put: “Can’t imagine what the royal bribe is to have Louis behave today… I [love] his spirit… he already beats to his own drum.”

Others were captured by the unique wave he gave the public while standing on the Buckingham Palace Balcony for the Flypast. 

He can be seen swaying his hands out to either side of his body, before bringing them back in to meet in the middle – which some have claimed reminded them of windscreen wipers.

The clip of him and his sister, Princess Charlotte, attracted plenty of attention online, gaining more than 4,560 likes and 180,800 views. 

Posting on Twitter, one person wrote: “Reminds me of windscreen wipers lol.”

“The double-handed wave from a child is the truest sign they’re done & have logged out. He’s a little trooper bless [him],” suggested another. 

A third joked: “Petition for this to be the new official royal wave.”

Someone else put: “Louis is the gift that keeps on giving.”

People took to Twitter to comment on the young Prince's unique wave which he gave to onlookers at Buckingham Palace


People took to Twitter to comment on the young Prince’s unique wave which he gave to onlookers at Buckingham PalaceCredit: Getty

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