I’m a body language expert – Kate Middleton exudes confidence at royal Easter service & gesture shows pride in Louis

ALL eyes were on Kate Middleton during the first Royal Easter Church service since the Queen sadly passed away. 

And, according to leading body language expert Judi James, Kate more than took up the baton. 


All eyes were on Kate Middleton at the Royal’s annual Easter serviceCredit: Getty
She confidently walked side by side with youngest son Louis ahead of the service


She confidently walked side by side with youngest son Louis ahead of the serviceCredit: Getty

Not only did Kate show confidence and dominance in her combined roles as Princess of Wales and mum, but she also continued to channel her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.  

Kate – who attended the service at Windsor Castle alongside husband Prince William and their three children Prince George, nine, Princess Charlotte, seven, and four-year-old Prince Louis – stepped out in a bold electric blue buttoned dress with matching hat. 

Meanwhile, the Royal couple’s children were all dressed in matching blue hues in a signal of solidarity and were cheered on by adoring fans. 

The 41-year-old confidently strolled side by side with Louis, as the youngest Prince – who has been known to show off his cheeky nature in the past – behaved impeccably. 

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And Judi says this is all down to Kate and the clear signals she is giving. 

Judi exclusively reveals to Fabulous: “Dressed in royal blue – which channels the colour worn by Charles and Camilla – Kate exudes confidence here as she walks her youngest child into the chapel for the Easter service. 

“There was a ripple of applause from the crowd that seemed reserved for Kate and Louis, as the previously playful youngest son looked suitably calm and serious, clutching Kate’s hand and staring at the fans with a sense of regal confidence.”

Judi also went on to describe how Kate’s blue outfit – which she’s worn on previous occasions, including 2022’s Commonwealth service – was another clear sign of her stepping up to the plate.

She continues: “Kate’s outfit does seem to scream a very dominant and confident look and that vibe seems to signal to Louis that there is no scope for any playful behaviour or body language on this first Easter service since the Queen passed away.” 

Noting how important the occasion was to the entire extended family, Judi said many might have expected Kate to appear nervous. 

However, Judi explained it was the complete opposite, as Kate stepped up to her role and kept everything in order in a calm and confident manner. 

Jud continues: “This is a time of huge change for the royals and Kate’s body language suggests she is taking it all in her stride. 

“She looks down at her youngest son with a grin of pride and then back at the crowds to suggest she – like Diana – has produced the ‘heir and a spare’ and launched both with total success and pride.”

Judi also nodded to how Kate has been inspired by her husband’s late mum Princess Diana and her unique but admired parenting techniques.

Judi adds: “George walks ahead of the family group, showing a very grown-up approach to public appearances. While Louis glances at the fans with a confident and relaxed stare.

“This proves how well Kate – just like Diana – has done her job of showing her children how to blend royal events with the kind of normal childhood experiences that will help them to cope with their unique lifestyle.” 

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The annual service was also attended by King Charles III and the Queen Consort Camilla, who wore matching blue outfits.

It no doubt was very meaningful for Charles and the rest of his family as Windsor Castle is the final resting place of Queen Elizabeth II.

A body language expert said Kate is following in late mother-in-law Diana's parenting footsteps


A body language expert said Kate is following in late mother-in-law Diana’s parenting footstepsCredit: Reuters
Meanwhile she looked relaxed during the time of change for the Royals


Meanwhile she looked relaxed during the time of change for the RoyalsCredit: Splash

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