I’m a body language expert – Cocky Prince Harry swaggered into court like an Apprentice contestant

A BODY language expert has given her insight into Prince Harry’s surprise appearance at a London court today.

The Duke of Sussex, 38, “swaggered” into the High Court for a privacy hearing “like an Apprentice contestant”, Judi James claims.


Harry fiddled with his coat buttons as he arrived to court smiling this morningCredit: Reuters
A photographer bumped into the royal


A photographer bumped into the royalCredit: Cover Images
The Duke of Sussex is in London for a privacy hearing against publishers Associated Newspapers Limited


The Duke of Sussex is in London for a privacy hearing against publishers Associated Newspapers LimitedCredit: AFP
Court sketch showing the Duke of Sussex (second right) inside at the Royal Courts Of Justice


Court sketch showing the Duke of Sussex (second right) inside at the Royal Courts Of Justice

Harry today surrounded by bodyguards as he made his first return to the UK in six months.

He is appearing in court alongside other high-profilers in the battle against claims unlawful information was gathered by Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL).

Eco-warrior Harry jetted in from California to attend.

The publisher, who owns titles including the Daily Mail and MailOnline, strongly denies the allegations.

Harry not expected to meet Charles or William on surprise visit to Britain
Harry jets into London for surprise court appearance as Elton John joins him

Members of the press and public gathered outside to see the Duke of Sussex this morning, who was in seemingly high spirits.

One photographer bumped into the royal before he was swiftly pushed to the side by security.

Body language expert Judi told The Sun: “Striding into court with what looks so much like a cocky swagger, Harry seems to want to give the impression that he’s enjoying himself here, right up to the moment when he collides with the photographer.

“He makes a big display of buttoning his coat.

“The constant fiddling with buttons are often part of his auto-touch anxiety rituals when he’s under pressure, but this is not the same gesture. 

“Rather than nervousness it is another signal of confidence, using the large CEO-style dark overcoat to raise his impression of business-like power to the levels you might see on The Apprentice.

“Harry’s lower jaw is jutted out in a signal that suggests determination and a desire to fight and his narrowed eye smile gives the impression he thinks he might win.

“His breezy ‘Morning!’ to the press looks equally confident but suddenly he careers into the photographer and the mood music changes a little. 

“He holds his arm out in surprise and as he gets back into his stride his backward glance suggests some possible irritation.”

The hearing started around 10.30am with Harry sat at the back of the courtroom making notes in a black book.

As he jotted away, the Prince shook his head at some of the Associated News Ltd’s barristers comments.

The shock appearance comes after the Prince complained that visiting the UK was hard due to security concerns.

Harry and Meghan voiced fears over their safety after leaving the firm.

And the couple are yet to decide whether they will attend King Charles’ coronation in May.

This is also the first time Harry is back on home soil since the Queen’s funeral.

It is not known whether Meghan and kids Archie, 3, and one-year-old Lilibet have made the journey.

It’s understood a trip to see the King and brother William will not be on the cards during Harry’s brief visit.

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Buckingham Palace said Charles is not in Windsor or London today.

Meanwhile the Prince and Princess of Wales are away with their family for the Easter break.

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