I worked in Harrods serving the super-rich… I know so many secrets – there’s a reason you never see royalty browsing

AN EX-HARRODS worker has revealed some of the luxury department store’s best-kept secrets. 

Content creator Maggie Anne babbled about secret underground tunnels, people getting the sack for breaking strict rules and why you never see royalty browsing the designer rails.


Maggie revealed some of Harrods’ best-kept secrets following a two-year stint of working thereCredit: Tik Tok
The luxury department store in Knightsbridge, London is loved by A-list celebrities and royalty


The luxury department store in Knightsbridge, London is loved by A-list celebrities and royaltyCredit: Alamy

Taking to TikTok, she gave a run down on some of the shop’s – favoured by the Royal Family and A-list celebrities – secret happenings. 

Maggie started: “I worked in Harrods for two years and there’s some pretty cool things that go down in that place that the general public will have no idea about.”

The first thing she exposed was Harrods’ secret underground tunnels.

Maggie said: “There is actually a special secret tunnel, like a VIP tunnel.

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“And don’t quote me on this because I might have remembered it wrong.

“I’m pretty sure there’s only like five staff members in the whole of Harrods that actually are allowed to know the entrance and exits to these VIP tunnels.

“They’re used for A-list celebrities and royalty to enter and exit Harrods without the general public and normal customers knowing that they’re even there.”

Interestingly, a £300m luxury hotel development in London’s rich Kensington and Chelsea was given the green light by the local planning committee in 2020.

And the plans included a direct hotel-to-Harrods secret underground tunnel. 

Maggie continued that once royalty had entered the department store via the secret tunnels, they would be whisked up to a private suite.

She said: “They’d basically do their shopping with private shoppers and stuff.

“Noone would even know they’re in there.

“I’m pretty sure people like Drake and Beyonce and people like that would have used it before as well.

“Like, we’re talking A-list celebrities would have used this tunnel.”

Maggie said “another cool fact” was Harrods staff have to pretend they don’t recognise celebrities. 

She recalled: “There was many a time where I was serving A-list celebrities and I would not be allowed to let them know that I know who they are – even if it’s very obvious.

“I have known people to literally get the sack because they’ve asked for pictures with celebrities.

“And you are not allowed to do that – that is a no go.”

Maggie further divulged that there is a strict limit on how much physical cash that shoppers can spend. 

Rich shoppers cannot spend more than £2,000 in cash in any single transaction. 

And anyone chancing their luck with spending wads of cash would be told the till was broken or having technical problems.

She revealed: “You’d have to pretend that the till was broken and ‘call the technician’.

“But you’d actually be calling security to come down and check out the cash.

“I don’t really know what they did.

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“Essentially, the reason why they do that is because if you’ve got more than £2,000 in cash on you, then it’s probably dodgy money.”

Although Maggie did not say what role she had at Harrods, she now is a beauty content creator and runs jewellery brand Vinx of London with her mum. 

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