Funeral of King George I of Greece, 1913

Royalty from around Europe joined the Greek Royal Family in Athens for the magnificent Funeral of King George I of Greece at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Athens on this day in 1913, following the Assassination of the first Greek King just days before his Golden Jubilee. 

The King was assassinated in the city of Salonika, where his body lay for a week, before being transported on board the Royal Yacht Amphitrite to Athens, each movement accompanied by ceremonial state processions, where there was the Lying-in-State for three days ahead of the Funeral in the Metropolitan Cathedral in Athens, which was followed by the Burial in the Royal Cemetery near Tatoi Palace. 

Queen Olga was supported by King Constantine I of Greece and Queen Sophia, as well as Prince George and Princess Marie of Greece, Prince Nicholas of Greece and Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna, Grand Duchess Maria Georgevina of Russia, Prince Andrew and Princess Alice of Greece, Prince Christopher of Greece, along with foreign guests including the future King Alexander of Yugoslavia. 


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