Five signs King Charles will be a revolutionary monarch & trigger intense shake-up, says Diana’s ex-astrologer

KING Charles will be a revolutionary monarch and trigger an intense shake-up, according to Princess Diana’s former astrologer and close friend.

Royal astrologer Debbie Frank worked with the late Princess Diana for years, guiding her through some of the most turbulent parts of her life with her astrological predictions.


King Charles will be a ‘revolutionary’ monarch, according to royal astrologer Debbie FrankCredit: AFP
Debbie was Princess Diana's personal astrologer and close friend


Debbie was Princess Diana’s personal astrologer and close friendCredit: Debbie Frank
King Charles is a Scorpio


King Charles is a ScorpioCredit: Getty

Now, in specially prepared forecasts for The Sun to mark King Charles’s coronation on Saturday, Debbie reveals how the date for the historical occassion is not the most auspicious from an astrological perspective – falling after a lunar eclipse and as Mercury is in retrogade.

“Back in the day Coronation charts would be chosen by the royal astrologer – Queen Elizabeth I’s spectacular reign was inspired by her astrologer John Dee who chose 15 January 1559 at midday as the optimum launch pad for the new Elizabethan Age,” Debbie said.  

“It was an auspicious chart. Fast forward to next Saturday and the dawn of the new Carolean Age as King Charles III will be crowned on May 6 2023 and we can assume no astrological guidance has been sought.  

“Although Charles will undoubtedly capture the majesty of the moment, the chart of his reign speaks of the need to tread carefully amidst some controversies already swirling around and more to come.”

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Debbie revealed that there are five key astrological signs that indicate the coronation will bring about a shake-up.  

“The Coronation chart itself is being held less than 24 hours after a lunar eclipse which is an astrological reset, signalling intense transformation,” she said.

“This eclipse is plugged into the radical planet Uranus – indicating a shake-up of the status quo.  In addition, Mercury is retrograde – not the smoothest of aspects for plans to go like clockwork.  

“Eclipses themselves whilst foretelling epic game-changer moments for events within the world at large are often present as a signature royal aspect.  

“Prince Charles was born on an eclipse as were both Kate and William, the Prince and Princess of Wales, Charles and Diana were married during eclipse season and  Princess Diana died on a solar eclipse. 

“This lunar eclipse is in the sign of Scorpio, Charles’s own birth sign which is a personal trigger point for the hand of destiny to make its mark with this transition of power.  

“The sign of Scorpio requires challenge in order to embody their symbol of a phoenix rising from the ashes. 

“We can see in the life story of King Charles that he’s no stranger to this theme. In his time he’s been called to discover his own resilience and capacity for re-birth. 

“Now he’s entering a big push care of Pluto and Uranus which ask him to step right up to the plate, rise above the turmoil and also be a revolutionary monarch. 

“His reign begins under conditions which bring his own powerful nature to the surface.”

King Charles’ coronation is taking place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey almost 70 years after his late mother Queen Elizabeth II was crowned.

His wife Camilla will be by his side as she is crowned Queen along with Prince William and Princess Kate will be present along with their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. 

Prince Harry will attend the ceremony on a whistle-stop trip to the UK before heading back to California for his son Archie’s birthday.

Debbie, who first began working for Princess Diana in February 1989, also revealed how Prince Harry’s forecast for his sign of Virgo indicates he is heading for a mid-life crisis.

The astrologer and author said: “Virgo Prince Harry meanwhile is entering into the astrological mid-life crisis zone with Pluto in conflict with his natal Pluto. 

“This signifies upheavals and changes in life direction.  

“At the same time, Harry has revolutionary Uranus moving across his Moon in the home and family angle of his chart. 

“Very much the signature of further separation from his roots and a tendency towards emotional outbursts and rifts with family members. This kind of volatility is unlikely to settle down until next Spring.”

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