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With just days to go until Queen Margrethe abdicates the throne of Denmark, emotional tributes are beginning in earnest.

The streets of Copenhagen are filling with posters showing the monarch’s monogram and one simple phrase ‘Tak, Dronning Margrethe”.

First images of these thank yous to a queen were shared to thousands on social media by royal commentator, Wim Dehandschutter.

And a TV programme paying tribute to Queen Margrethe will air in Denmark at prime time on January 12th 2024, with less than 48 hours to go until her abdication.

It’s an indication of how emotions are beginning to run high as Denmark prepares to witness the end of an historic reign which has spanned over half a century.

The country’s Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, indicated just how much the Danish queen means to her people in her New Year’s address, delivered soon after the abdication announcement that shocked the country and the continent.

Mette Frederiksen described how Margrethe had been the only monarch many people had known and praised her for her hard work in building a better country for all.

There are also likely to be tributes from Margrethe II’s family in days to come. So far, no one has spoken publicly of her decision to hand over the throne to her son, Frederik.

It is now known that her younger son, Prince Joachim, will be present in Copenhagen for the abdication of his mother and the accession of his brother.

Queen Margrethe abdicates on January 14th 2024, the 52nd anniversary of her accession. She will attend a Council of State meeting in Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen which begins at 2pm. Shortly after it commences, Her Majesty will sign a Declaration of Abdication and at that moment, the throne will pass to her son who will become Frederik X.

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