Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel celebrate Sweden’s oldest high school – Royal Central

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden celebrated the 400th-anniversary country’s first high school.

On 24 May, the couple travelled to Västerås, in the southwest of the country. The city is considered one of Sweden’s industrial bedrocks and is especially renowned for its strength in the motor vehicle industry. 

Their first stop was the city’s cathedral, where they were welcomed by the Governor of the region of Västmanland and the bishop of the local diocese Mikael Mogren, who offered them a guided tour of the church. 

Next, the couple walked from the cathedral, stopping to chat with residents. It was time for the main event of the day: the celebrations at the school. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel arrived at Rudbeckian High School and were welcomed by a cheering crowd, made up not only of students but also residents of Västerås. 

Also outside the school to welcome the important visitors was Headmaster Henrik Pettersson, who posed for some photographs with the Crown Princess and Prince, before leading the way into the building.

Once inside, the two royals, as well as a large number of locals, were treated to a performance of music and monologues offered on the school’s stage by students. 

Afterwards, the couple inaugurated a new art piece created by Ann-Sofi Sidén, which portrays two children, a boy and a girl, touching hands in a high-five gesture. The statue is made of silver metal, with the two figures standing on poles, and was put next to the front entrance’s flags.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel ended their day in Västerås with lunch in the school’s auditorium, before making their way back to Stockholm. 

Rudbeckian High School was founded in 1623 by the local bishop at the time, Johannes Rudbeckius, who, aside from giving students a place to learn, also gave the school his own name. 

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