A View from a DKM: The Coronation

I have been waiting since 1981 for a coronation and since that time I have gotten up early to watch every royal event. I have watched videos of A Queen is Crowned and news reel footage of the coronation of George the. Needless to say, I was extremely excited about watching the coronation this past Saturday. I got up extra early to watch all the processions and the ceremony and here are my thoughts.

Things experts got wrong:
1. Charles did not wear a military uniform but wore traditional tunics. (He did wear trousers and not britches)
2. Harry was not in the 10th row; he was in the third, which was the first row of nonworking royals.
3. Lady Louise was on the balcony.

Things I did not like:
1. Most peers were not in coronation robes and did not have coronets. That was one of my favorite parts of previous coronations. They could have at least let the peers who were part of the ceremony wear their coronets since they were in coronation robes.
2. The removal of the homage except for the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Prince of Wales.
3. The Queen not holding the consort’s scepter and rod.

Surprising emotional moment for me: After the anointing screens were removed and we see the King kneeling in trousers and white shirt as the bishops prayed over him.

Rock Star of the Coronation: The Lord President of the Council (Penny Mordaunt)

Moment that lived up to all the hype: The actual crowning of the King.

Random Thoughts:
• Louis and Charlotte were every bit a little prince and princess.
• One of the girls in the choir reminded me of a young Lindsay Lohan.
• There were moments when both the King and Queen looked their age.
• No moment brought me to tears, but after the Prince of Wales kissed the King’s cheek, I might have come close.
• The royal salute and three cheers for the King and Queen by the troops was impressive.
• They did an excellent job of making the balcony look full.
• The Queen’s crown looked so big to me.
• God willing, I will live to see one more coronation.
• God save the King!

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