A Coronation first as the ceremonial roles are revealed – Royal Central

The ceremonial Sword of Offering will be carried into the Coronation by a female officer for the first time ever.

Petty Officer Amy Taylor will bear the jewelled sword into Westminster Abbey in The King and Queen’s Procession which will form part of the opening rites of the Coronation.

As the ceremonial roles were announced, Petty Officer Taylor said she was ”deeply honoured and humbled to play my part in this historic event.”

Baroness Floella Benjamin will carry in the Sceptre with the Dove. The baroness said she was ”honoured and privileged to be part of the historic Coronation ceremony.”

And Baroness Benjamin said she felt her part sent a powerful message, adding ”to be selected to carry the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Dove, which represents spirituality, equity and mercy is for me very symbolic as it’s everything I stand for and sends out a clear message that diversity and inclusion is being embraced.”

Some of the ceremonial roles in the Coronation are so important, they are only appointed for one day. Among those is that of Lord High Steward of England. At the Coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla the position will be taken by General Sir Gordon Messenger. His duties include carrying St. Edward’s Crown into the Abbey and to the High Altar. It will be taken from there by the Archbishop of Canterbury who will then crown His Majesty with it.

General Sir Gordon said ”it is a huge and unique honour to be appointed Lord High Steward for His Majesty’s Coronation. To be playing a key role on such an important and historic occasion is a source of great pride to me.”

The Coronation takes place on May 6 2023 at Westminster Abbey.

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