Woman ‘distraught’ after man filmed her showering through second-storey window

The woman got a photo of the offender’s vehicle before he drove off.


The woman got a photo of the offender’s vehicle before he drove off.

A Christchurch woman is “distraught” after a stranger filmed her showering through her bathroom window while her young daughter was downstairs.

The 28-year-old woman, who did not want to be named, stepped out of the shower in her Christchurch home about 7pm on Thursday to see a man’s hand holding onto the window frame. She screamed and launched forward to open the window wider to see who it was.

The man didn’t run away but “waited to film her reaction”, the woman’s sister Hailee, who did not want her last name used, said.

“She said that’s what keeps playing in her head.”

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Hailee lives down the road from her sister in the suburb of Parklands and went straight to her house.

“She was a mess. I called the police because she could hardly talk.”

Hailee said her sister went upstairs for a shower while her 6-year-old daughter watched TV downstairs.


A 21-year-old Christchurch woman had just got out of the shower when she saw a hand holding a phone through the open bathroom window.

The man used the external heat pump unit and a nearby tree to climb onto part of the bottom-storey roof to access the window of the bathroom.

“My niece was on the couch while he jumped up onto the heat pump.”

After the woman had seen him, he jumped to the ground and ran to his car parked on the street.

The woman took a photo of his silver truck as he drove off.

She described him as being a “white male with a slim build”. He had two hoodies on and had “nice trimmed kept hands and nails”.

It comes not long after a 21-year-old University of Canterbury graduate student was filmed through the bathroom window while she showered in Christchurch.

Haliee said she was concerned the man had scoped out the property before the offending as the bathroom window wasn’t visible from the road.

“He would have had to of known before climbing up there.”

She said in the past few weeks the dog would “randomly bark” and then “go weird”. On Thursday the dog did not bark at all, she said.

Hailee went around the neighbours after the incident to ask if they had seen anything.

One neighbour said they had “weird creepy” things happen over the last month including a person trying to climb into a window late at night.

Another neighbour had seen the silver vehicle but did not recognise it.

Hailee rang the police but police did not go to the house the night of the offending.

A police spokesperson said they received a report of a man acting suspiciously in the Parklands area at 7.20pm on Thursday.

“Inquiries are continuing,” they said.

Hailee was told by police they were too busy to go on Thursday night, but someone would come and take fingerprints on Friday morning.

Her sister was “a mess”, she said.

“She feels completely violated and unsafe in her own home.”

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