Why Micro-Habits Matter In Marketing

Azadeh Williams is the Managing Partner of AZK Media, a global B2B agency helping technology companies grow in new and emerging markets.

Marketers are facing more scrutiny than ever before. With an uncertain economic climate, rapid technology disruption and changing consumer behavior, the role of marketing has never been more volatile. Marketers are often forced to do more with less and churn greater leads with less budget, resources and smaller teams. It’s no wonder marketing and communications professionals are seeing high burnout rates, with 83.3% reporting they are burned out.

So what are the common causes of burnout in marketing, and what can help empower marketers to be the best version of themselves?

Burnout Is Real, And It Happens To The Best Of Us

Even the most productive, passionate marketer can become a victim of burnout. And it’s an easy trap to fall into. Because it all starts with small bad habits. As an example, with a growing number of Slack channels, Google chats, Zoom meetings, LinkedIn messages, emails, instant messages and marketing communications, it can often end up feeling like a 24/7 cycle, with no respite.

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