Why Limited Data Is Limiting Traditional Marketing Strategies

Maor Shlomo is the CEO of external data platform Explorium.

According to Forrester’s recent Marketing Survey, unlocking growth and generating demand continue to be top priorities for B2B marketing decision makers. Amid the seismic shifts in buying behavior, marketing leaders will expand digital transformation efforts, and the volume of data will continue to grow.

Despite these changes and technological advancements, 61% of marketers rank lead generation as their number one challenge. Over the last two years, a digital shift in buying behaviors, coupled with social unrest and economic uncertainty, has eroded the effectiveness of marketing tactics, leaving marketers to question how their strategies need to change.

For instance, a fundamental part of marketing is lead scoring. Not long ago, marketing could qualify leads by “scoring” them based on revenue, employees and industry sector and passing the best fits along to the sales team. But with all the changes to the business environment, traditional lead scoring models don’t work anymore.

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