Why Customer Advocacy Is Key To B2B Marketing

Azadeh Williams is the Managing Partner of AZK Media, a global B2B agency helping technology companies grow in new and emerging markets.

Customer advocacy—getting customers to be your champions and explaining how your product or service solves their key business problems—is critical for any B2B demand-generation strategy.

When done well, it can slash sales-enablement time, drive demand organically, and ensure sales and marketing work cohesively, especially when companies are growing in new and emerging markets. Poorly mishandled, however, and customer advocacy programs can quickly become a cost center and detrimentally impact your bottom line.

Why Customer Advocacy Is Important

Customer advocacy is about building and nurturing relationships with your happiest customers to turn them into your biggest brand champions. If you can get your customers to explain, in their own words, why they chose your product or service over your competitors, this level of brand endorsement is far more powerful than any other first-party promotional content.

Prospects trust other consumers, and not necessarily the brand, to tell them the truth. This is particularly the case in B2B technology, where it can be extremely difficult to choose which tech platform is the right fit when so many vendors sing the same sales tune. Therefore, an endorsement by a customer goes a long way in convincing potential new customers to give your business a try.

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