What to expect if you step behind the doors at Buckingham Palace this summer

If visitors are lucky enough to get a ticket this summer, they will be able to experience a whole new perspective of Buckingham Palace. 

After five years of extensive renovations, the East Wing of Buckingham Palace is open to visitors for the first time. This means that visitors will be able to spend time in the room that leads to the famous balcony where the Royal Family makes their appearances. 

Visitors will not be able to go out on the balcony as it is quite narrow but they will be able to look out from the window and look down the Mall to see the Victoria Memorial. 

The Centre Room, the official name for the room behind the net curtains, is an elaborate and luxurious room that features dragons, gold detailing, and Asian-inspired art and details dating back to the reign of King George IV. It is also has a lotus-shaped chandelier, and two 18th century Chinese Imperial Silk wall hangings

Visitors can buy tickets to tour Buckingham Palace to see the State Apartments, including the Throne Room, the Grand Staircase, the Ballroom, and the White Drawing Room. Tickets are available from 11 July to 29 September 2024 and must be booked in advance. 

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