What is Body Mind Flow?

An ex-pat is stopping off in his home city while on a world tour of his innovative lifestyle programme.

Born and raised in St Albans, Nathan Morse lived in London and the US extensively before moving to Sydney.

Having struggled in his old life, he departed on his own version of Eat Pray Love, a mission of self-discovery and development. He qualified in multiple genres across the disciplines of teaching, coaching and facilitation, and now runs his own business: BODY // MIND // FLOW.

St Albans ex-pat Nathan Morse. – Credit: Nathan Morse

He works both online and in person with the sole aim of offering others a more easeful way of living. His framework of practises, tools and processes is tried and tested, first on himself and then on clients all over the world. His sessions achieve results that are both transformational and swift as well as lasting.

The forthcoming world tour of his workshop ‘Navigating Difficulties’ will be making a stop in St Albans on October 22 at Nuffield Health & Wellness in Highfield Park Drive.

Participants can expect to learn and take away a tool that will allow them to manoeuvre through the challenging conversations and conflicts with those around them, including their partner, boss, parent, child, sibling and so on. Anywhere there is a human conflict, this will work.

St Albans ex-pat Nathan Morse.

St Albans ex-pat Nathan Morse. – Credit: Nathan Morse

“Looking inward and being the best person you can possibly be doesn’t have to be painful. By making it fun yet practical, powerful and non-‘woo-woo’, self development is a beautiful journey.

“Anyone in search of being able to have deeper conversations, feel more spacious and less triggered, and generally have more capacity to enjoy life should join this workshop.”

Sarah, a recent participant in the Sydney leg of his tour, explained how it benefited her: “I now feel more clear, more empowered. I am able to find peace in many situations I otherwise wouldn’t have. I got a huge amount of clarity, learned to let go of so much. I got a deeper insight to who I am as a person, took away the mum/boss/friend/partner hat. I learnt how to not be so hard on myself. I feel lighter, smiling more often, taking two minutes to myself and choosing how to react. Its made me a better mum, better boss, better friend.”

For more information and tickets visit www.bodymindflow.com/stalbans 

A BODY // MIND // FLOW session in Sydney.

A BODY // MIND // FLOW session in Sydney. – Credit: Nathan Morse

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