Watch the trailer for the new monster movie ‘Nix’

Lovers ShareMovies, beware! The man behind these films filled with flying sharks is now coming up with Nix, a new movie that has been described as “a modern traumatic and addictive horror film in which a tragic event from the past tears a family apart.” Watch the trailer and poster below.

Inspired by Germanic folklore, the film is about a tragic event in a mysterious lake that still plagues the family years later. While Jack tries to keep everyone together, a strange and powerful entity appears after all this time and opens old wounds. Jack must deal with the consequences while protecting his young niece from this hideous creature bent on destroying everyone.Cast and Crew
nothing And so it comes from director Anthony C Ferrante, the man who created the three Sharemade movies. Ferrante co-wrote the screenplay with Woodrow Wilson Hancock III, Skylar Caleb and James Zimbardi. The latter two also star in the movie, such as Michael Barry, Angie Teodora Dick, and Dee Wallace.

nothing It will be available on September 27 in the United States. Nothing is known about the Dutch version.

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