Viva Texas Film Festival brings Victoria’s first-ever film festival to the Crossroads

It’s a packed weekend for the arts in Victoria with a film festival and a art and music walk going on in Downtown Victoria.

VICTORIA, Texas – It’s a weekend for the arts in Victoria. For the first time ever in Victoria’s history, the City hosted its first-ever film festival, the Viva Texas Film Festival.
Joshua Shultz is the writer and director and main actor in the film ‘Americana’ – which made it’s premier here in Victoria at the Viva Texas Film Festival.

“I came to Victoria and I was like these people are the people that we’ve been dreaming to meet. They’re such incredibly nice people they’ve been so welcoming and celebrating the arts . It’s weird I never heard of Victoria before now, and now that I’m here I find it’s just like this diamond of the town,” says Shultz.

Along with the Viva Texas Film Festival, they had the number one Harley stunt crew doing wheelies and burnouts to kick off the weekend, Victoria Harley even let them borrow some bikes for the stunts.

Karissa Winters and Claire Santellana are the founders of the film festival and they say events like this help the city of Victoria thrive.

“We’ve had people stay in the hotels, using the Victoria airport, hotels sold out. Shopping and eating here, so that’s been so wonderful. I mean that was our dream to just to spur our economy to get more growth and also give opportunities here. We’ve had people say they want to move their studio possibly here and like I said film movies so I think it’s a huge deal,” says Winters.

Jennifer Sharp whose film, ‘Una Great Movie’, is about a black woman traveling through Mexico, says that Victoria is a great place to show her film with Victoria’s Mexican backgrounds and cultures, you can catch that showing Saturday morning at 10:30 am.

“But it kind of has a bunch of different vibes so it was really interesting Victoria is one where it’s all about Mexican and American and weirdly enough that’s my film is about so it was this niche,” says Sharp.

And it’s not just films but art as well, Saturday from 5 to 9 is the Downtown Victoria Art Walk at DeLeon plaza, you can check out the freshly painted crosswalks and check out local artists and a music walk to hear from local musicians.

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