Vedd Rawtaani’s advertisement featuring Anil Kapoor gets the Dada Saheb Phalke Awards

What is the biggest achievement for any artist? We are confident that each of them always looks to be appreciated with the most prestigious and profound awards. However, achieving the same dream is not a child’s play. Only experienced talents like Vedd Rawtaani can reach there.

Yes, you read it right! The aced director Vedd Rawtaani’s ad film “Naye Zammane Ki Naye Schooling Teachmint Pe” was recently awarded Best Ad Film at Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2022. The advertisement lasts one minute and features the legendary actor, Anil Kapoor. It was produced by Prasun Jindal and released under the production house Filmy Fiction. Vedd Rawtaani has presented the entire advertisement most convincingly and outstandingly.

On receiving the award, Vedd says, “I’m moved and still cannot believe it. Receiving such a prestigious award feels like a dream come true. There are already myriad digital teaching platforms, so we wanted to create an ad that immediately illustrated why Teachmint is different and trustworthy.”

Is it only the brand ambassador or the product that makes an ad outstanding? No way! The advertisement has a lot to do with how you are trying to sell the product to your viewers. And Vedd Rawtaani certainly knows how to pitch a product most effectively. The advertisement has fetched more than 45 million views on YouTube.

Vedd Rawtaani has worked in the industry for years and is worth his salt. He has always proved his mastery from time to time. The director has also helmed more than 100 TV and digital advertisements. Vedd previously directed the rom-com series Suraj Aur Saanjh which was also awarded Comedy Series of the Year. He has also worked on projects like Pyaar On The Rocks, Uncle On The Rocks, and Ek Tha Raja. Vedd has also worked on making promotional videos and background scenes for the movie “Gully Boy.”

We send our wholehearted warmth to him and believe he will keep delivering such staggering pieces of entertainment.


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