Trinidad Artist Kalonji Roasted After Breaking Silence On Surviving Shooting That Left Girlfriend Dead

Trinidad Dancehall artist Kalonji, best known for his gun-slinging hits Run Up and Triple, has come under heavy scrutiny from thousands of social media users for what they describe as a lack of empathy and self-promotion following the murder of his girlfriend, almost three weeks ago.

According to the Trinidad Guardian, the 25-year-old entertainer, whose real name is Kalonji Arthur, was shot multiple times on September 2, in a hotel parking lot. His girlfriend, Bridget James, who had celebrated her 25th birthday a day prior, was also shot but succumbed to her injuries.

It was reported that the two were sitting in a car in the parking lot, when a group of men in another car pulled up with assault rifles and sprayed them with bullets.

On September 17, Kalonji was seemingly in better spirits after the horrific incident.  In viral posts on Facebook and Instagram, he sought to thank God for his life and mental state, and offered condolences and apologies to the family of his late partner.

“Grateful For all the continuous support, condolences & prayers 💫🕊 also wanna send condolences on my behalf to Bri’s family and my sincerest apologies ♥️ last but not least I wanna thank God for another opportunity @ Life and for keeping stable my mental status 💪💫” he began.

He also raised many eyebrows when he flipped the script to talk about music in the pipeline, while tagging his music management company Fully8 Recordz Ltd.

“Can’t wait to b back to being able to doing things I love especially my music 💫 @bri_xo1 love you always bbg 🎱♥️🥇 On behalf of me and the entire team @fully8recordz_ Thank you again 💪💫🎱🥇”

Kalonji certainly isn’t shedding enough tears for his fans’ liking. Many of them have been giving him a tongue lashing over the “insensitive” post.

“The bullet that killed his gf was meant for him & his whole caption is giving “Welp.. Sorry it happened but glad it wasn’t me” @Addictive_DIVA ranted on Twitter.

“This post after your gf gets fatally shot by someone who was after you is crazzzyyy,” added @ChasityLondyn.

“Imagine looking down from heaven after being hit with a stray and your bf is tagging his label in a RIP post,” said @adderallgod.

“That’s what happens when you date people of a certain lifestyle… The lesson not for her but for y’all lol,” @YalKnoItsNick said during the discussion.

“Please Black women start practicing classism. Stay away from these types,” one person suggested.

The matter even caught the attention of popular YouTuber Akademiks, who posted a screenshot of Kalonji’s message and asked his followers: “Damn.. was he foul for this?”

The saying ‘not all publicity is bad publicity’ has never been proved truer in this instance with many flocking to Kalonji’s YouTube to stream his music.

His video for Run Up has surpassed 2.6 million views over the last few days.

He also made another social media post of him and “Bri” late last night, but this time turning off the comments.

“Till my last breath b ♥️ @bri_xo1 🥇”

Kalonji added some more photos to his Instagram Stories, before subtly addressing all the backlash he’s been receiving.

“I don’t blame y’all for being lost .. it’s all love 💫♥️🎱”

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