The View host Ana Navarro opens up about lifestyle change in fresh-faced Instagram post

THE VIEW host Ana Navarro has opened up on Instagram about her newly found love for pickleball in a fresh-faced post.

In a post on Sunday, Navarro posed at a pickleball court with her friends, palm tree-inspired racket, and poodle, Cha-Cha, in Miami, after running into Elise Ivy, the founder of the Rokne pickleball rackets.


Navarro was named one of the permanent hosts to replace Meghan McCainCredit: Getty
The View host Ana Navarro opened up about her new passion


The View host Ana Navarro opened up about her new passionCredit: Instagram
Navarro and her friends committed to a healthier lifestyle


Navarro and her friends committed to a healthier lifestyleCredit: Instagram

“Back to the pickle-ball court today,” Navarro wrote.

She said she and her friends “went to a spa earlier this summer, and committed to a healthier lifestyle.”

“We’ve been trying to be more active instead of having our time together revolve around meals and drinking. (Even though we like to do that too),” she said.

 “We are really enjoying this. Who would have thunk?

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“Today we ran into @elise.ivy, a co-founder of @roknepickleball brand.

“I don’t know diddly about pickleball products, but I think their palm frond paddle is super cute…and very Miami.”

Pickleball is known to combine elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong into a single game.

It uses a flat paddle, like the one Ana was referring to.

Ana joined The View this season as a part-time, permanent host after guest hosting many episodes last season

As The U.S. Sun. previously reported, Navarro recently threw major shade at Meghan McCain as Meghan slammed the show’s hosts as “toxic mean girls.”

Ana held an Ask Me Anything session on her Instagram while she was on a plane.

One fan asked her: “Do you miss Meghan on the show?”

Shading the ex-host, Ana simply wrote: “Who?”

On the first day of the latest season, there was one person notably missing from the panel: Ana, and viewers were quick to react.

“Where was Ana today!” one person asked as another also wondered, “Where is Ana?”

Another viewer, however, explained: “Ana said she would only be there two days a week and to fill in Mondays and Fridays.”

Earlier this year, The View finally confirmed that both Alyssa and Ana would officially join the panel.

“As much as we love that song Be Our Guest, there’s one person who’s way overqualified to be our guest anymore,” Whoopi told the audience during the highly-anticipated announcement in August.

“Today, we’re proud to make another long overdue announcement that Ana Navarro is becoming an official co-host of The View.”

Whoopi continued: “She always has an unfiltered and quite hilarious take…

“As Barbara Walters used to say, you know you’ve made it when you’ve been parodied on SNL.”

Ana then responded: “After many years, many hairstyles, many pounds up and down… we are finally putting a ring on it and making it official. I want to thank the very loyal View fans…”

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Despite the hiring, Ana is still expected to continue as a CNN analyst and live in Miami, despite the ABC talk show being in New York City.

The View won’t have Ana on full-time because of the TV star’s “other work commitments,” as sources previously reported the 50-year-old, will be on the show on Mondays and Fridays, filling in for Joy and Whoopi respectively, who usually take those days off.

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