The marketing tool that every startup founder needs in their kit!

Before we delve deep into the magic marketing tool that can jump-start your venture and orbit it into the next level, let’s talk about what a startup needs.

Visibility, credibility and profile-raising are the key needs for a startup looking to take its initial steps towards massive success. All your brilliant idea needs to shine and succeed is to be seen, understood and appreciated.

While one has to agree that social media has enabled many startups to get on the visibility map and make a name for themselves with negligible expense, yet it cannot be denied that at some point in time, a significant investment in marketing and PR will eventually be a necessity if you are ambitious and desirous of being a part of the Unicorn Club.

Be it acquiring the services of an established PR agency or investing in a fancy, state-of-the-art website, splurging considerable amounts of cash will be unavoidable. And, of course, it’s no secret that most startups operate on a shoestring and sometimes even half a shoestring budget.

In today’s crowded marketplace with diminishing attention spans of customers, if you are to succeed, you have to grab eyeballs. So, everyone and their cousin are using social media and writing blogs.

What is it that you can do which is more permanent and credible than a social media post/promotion, raises your profile almost instantly, lends credibility, and is also attention-grabbing?

What a startup needs: The solution!

My answer is straightforward- WRITE A BOOK!!!

It is the most cost-effective solution to give you all the above results.

Writing a book will not only establish you as an expert in your field (believe me, an Author = Authority) and instantly raise your profile. It also increases your visibility.

The biggest challenge for startups is to have people believe in the worth of their idea/solution/service/product both from the perspective of investors and clients.

A book will differentiate you from all the competitors in your market segment and have clients chasing you instead of you seeking or waiting for clients.

Also, a book will give you the reach you could physically never have, and it can be used offline and online to penetrate new markets and touch potential clients that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. It becomes a great source of authentic lead generation.

A book will enhance your credibility quotient and give you an entry to doors and places that were closed or inaccessible to you earlier. It’s like the infallible “Khul ja Sim-Sim’ Mantra.

Your book will help you create an impact and impression wherever you present it or introduce yourself as an author. An author is always looked at with a newfound sense of respect by clients and peers.

A book can magnetize clients to you as everyone wants to do business with authority, and a book positions you as an undisputed authority.

Also, when looking to scale up, funding is crucial; however, we all know that the right investors are not easy to come by or convince. With a book to your name, you are likely to be noticed and approached by investors themselves, and you can pick and choose the right fit instead of living by the proverb “Beggars cannot be Choosers.”

In today’s crowded and competitive marketplace, if you do not differentiate yourself by writing a book, you leave business out on a platter for your competition.

So, the bottom line is that no matter how good your idea/solution is, in today’s times of show and tell, you need to be visible, all highlighted, underlined, and in bold.

A book is the only marketing tool, powerful enough to do all this! It is your single-handed army, your PR, Marketing, and Advertisement Agency all rolled into one, and it is your most powerful visiting card.

Use your book as your business card before making a pitch, be it to a client or an investor.

 Firstly, it makes an impact.

 Secondly, it educates and molds them the way you intend to.

 And finally, as they read your words, understand your sentiments, value, and appreciate your passion for and expertise in your idea/solution, they begin to build a personal connection with you.

 This connection leads to deep bonding and trust, manifesting as a smooth working relationship.

Leveraging the power of a book: You can write too!

Now, this brings me to the question that is inside your mind right now.

How can I write a book? It is not my cup of tea.

Who will assist me in writing?

It will take a year altogether to finish a book

How will I make time for writing?

I know nothing about it!!!

With the right publishing house, the right tools, the correct scientific framework, and the proper support from ideation to launch, you can write your bestseller in as early as 7 days.

Now you might wonder, why should you take my word for it?

Well, my friend, you should, because I am the founder and CEO of not one but two publishing houses, one of them being the world’s largest and #1 in its particular category, and have mentored many startup owners to catapult to massive success in minimum time by leveraging the power of a book.

So, my advice to you is this: If you are not writing a book, you are missing out on your most promising and profitable business tool.


Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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