Samso Insights: digital marketing 101

The world of marketing has been changing since the onset of the internet. Digital marketing is now at its most mature where it has evolved into a precise targeting tool.

There are many misconceptions that digital marketing is all about posting pretty pictures and random phrases on social media platforms. The word engagement is often used too loosely to mean someone is listening to or watching your marketing.

In this episode of Samso Insights, we are talking to Ali Raza from Invicta Agency. Ali has a wealth of experience in this field and we have been talking about engagement, targeting of engagement and what digital marketing can do in terms of minimising the cost of marketing.

Today’s Samso Insights is about reaching out to connect with customers and providing the story of business. The translation and the projection of messaging is really important as the subtle points often create the most impact.

In the world of mineral exploration companies in the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), there is a lack of understanding of the need to have a brand. The aspect of branding is the key to every business that is out in the marketplace. The act of branding is also the cornerstone of every human being. We brand and market ourselves individually every day to our families and friends.

In some ways, branding is the end result of a digital marketing phase. Marketing in its traditional form is no different to today’s digital marketing conversations. The formula is the same but the way we do it is different.

I remember a video I watched a decade ago where the narrative was that the hunter who goes into the forest to hunt for customers comes out empty handed. He meets a guy and asks, “Why are there no customers in the forest?” The reply was, “The customers are now all around water holes called Google, LinkedIn, Twitter…etc.”

As Ali Raza points out, the digital marketing space is all about Recent, Frequent and Relevant.

It is this change in view points that is key in getting noticed in the marketplace today in 2022.


00:00 Start

00:20 Introduction

01:13 Ali talks about Invicta.

03:48 Is there a platform that works for a specific industry?

10:55 The types of content.

11:59 Fitting the content into the marketing strategy.

13:37 How important is branding?

16:55 A sector where branding is less relevant.

20:27 How important is viewership?

25:46 The concept of retargeting.

31:03 Does subtleness work?

34:31 Building the strategies.

48:44 Narrating the value of the product.

51:17 The evolvement of digital marketing.

54:56 Invicta moving forward.

59:27 Massive untapped opportunities.

1:00:26 Conclusion


Digital Marketing can be an intriguing and exciting area to explore, and here´s more to get you interested. I interviewed Veronica Lind, Business and Marketing Strategist of Vermilion Pinstripes and CEO of Brilliant-Online about her concept of Modern Marketing. She shares Vermilion Pinstripes´ mission to make businesses happy and what Branding for ASX Companies looks like. It´s all about helping brands build business confidence and refining their relationships with customers and business peers, through marketing and communications technology.

About Ali Raza

CEO & Director

Ali Raza is a digital growth expert and the founder and CEO at Invicta Agency. He’s advised a host of companies, over the last 15 years, on designing marketing and sales systems to reach new audiences, scale revenue and drive brand growth.

About Invicta Agency

Invicta Agency is a digital growth firm that designs demand generation and sales enablement strategies for growth-driven companies. The team at Invicta leverages a range of digital platforms, design and development, to enable organisations to scale their revenue, brand and audiences.

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