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Ricardo De La Cerda – You Attract What You Are Not What You Want!

This article will show you a powerful technique for attracting what you want by decreasing its importance. This is a new perspective that I think can absolutely transform the way you see the process and allow you to attract what you want easily.

But what I like to do is read these concepts kind of more advanced the kind of break them down into something I think people can chew on it’s kind of easy to understand. So this article and really the point that I’m going to be talking about here has to do with understanding something called excess potential.

Now the idea is that anytime there’s something we want to attract into our lives if we give it access to the potential which means that we give it excess meaning excess importance we immediately distance ourselves from it and metaphorically speaking. There are forces that come into play to balance out that energy. Now, this could mean that for example there’s a certain person that you are chasing because you want to be in a relationship with them because you’re putting them on a pedestal and you’re making them very important.

What happens is having that kind of frame having that kind of energy towards it. There are quote-unquote forces that come into play that balance that out and it’s almost like that person will be able to feel that neediness off of you and they’re going to be retracted from you. Now say that you want a certain type of job and you just want it so badly so you go to the interview.

You kind of tense about it and it’s something that you really give a whole bunch of importance. All the ideas because you’re giving it excess potential because you’re giving it so much importance and so much meaning forces come into play that balance that out.

And that’s why it doesn’t end up happening or it very rarely does. Now the idea behind it is to be created from a much more neutral place. Now have you ever wondered why there are some people that effortlessly attract what they want. Maybe they don’t really even care about the law of attraction or maybe they maybe it’s like that cool guy right. Like the cool guy that gets all the chicks and you’re like oh he’s who he does so well he just doesn’t care whereas somebody else that really wants you to know something or is really going after it seems to resist and not get what he wants.

Well, the person that doesn’t care has no importance that they are given over to this kind of circumstance, and because there’s no importance there’s no excess potential. So it’s much more likely to happen. So this kind of changes around the script a little bit and it makes us really understand the frame from which we’re coming. Are we coming from a frame of neediness of wanting something because it makes us more attuned to it?. The idea is also to get rid of desire.

Now, this is something that maybe you’re like I don’t I don’t agree with that.

You know a real lot of Abraham Hicks and desires are a good thing. I’ve been changed around my perspective desire quite a bit over the last probably three or four weeks since I’ve read this book and since I practice and Jones is reading not just theories practice it in your own life. Everything I’m telling you right now practices it for yourself and see if it works for you. I’m not telling you what to believe.

I’m just giving you my own perspective on what I’m learning and what I’ve learned is that desire doesn’t help unless it is transferred into the intention. So for example right now I have a desire to put my hand up but I’m not doing it. The desire doesn’t help at all. But the moment I set an intention to put my hand up is the moment it actually happens. The intention is where the power is not desired.

Desire may give you the fuel to take action and to put that intention to place but desire doesn’t help unless you put in intention and that’s why action also can be powerful. I’m not saying take action from a place of needing and desire and you want it so bad. What I’m saying is to take action with the understanding that that’s the next step after the intention takes action towards your goals. Now the key to this article though as I want to keep it more focused is understanding access potential importance and how to decrease something’s importance. Now the key to decreasing its importance is to first off realize that you don’t have to set your goals so far in advance.

This is something I also talk about the idea is that if I set myself a goal of maybe making a million dollars a year the gap from where I’m at now the vibrational frequency we could say from where I am now to making a million dollars a year is quite a bit different. I believe it will happen. Really. You know I know that as long as I keep doing what I’m doing it’s going to happen. But the vibrational frequency of where I’m at now it’s a jolt for me to go from here to there.

Now it’s possible but it’s not most likely it’s not going to happen for at least I don’t know a year or two and because of that it’s like I have to understand this be aware of it and I have to set my goals. Not so far out and not so far away. So what I do is I want that feeling of not giving that so much importance.

I want that feeling of taking action and having a process versus the end result. So what I do is I might have that intention.

The background of making a million dollars. But. The other part of this is knowing that your goals of money are not really what the goal is. money is a byproduct of who you are and what you’re doing. It’s an energetic thing more than anything else.

So my goal is not to make a million dollars.

My goal is to impact a certain number of people by sharing my message. My goal is to travel the world and share these ideas on a stage in front of thousands of people. That’s a different type of goal a byproduct of that is money. Nobody really wants money.

You Attract What You Are Not What you Want!

What are you going to do with a hundred dollars worth of paper?. That may equal up to a million dollars. But that’s what money is. I mean you get a million dollars. And the paper from it cost maybe a hundred dollars to get all of that million dollars worth.

The meaning is what we give it. You don’t really want a million dollars. You want the freedom that comes with the million dollars. So knowing this you can then see that don’t focus on the money focus on the energetic part of your goals of what emotion you want to feel.

I know that when I travel the world that when I’m speaking in front of people that when I’m doing media conferences and doing things that I want to do that I’m going to feel a certain way I feel a certain way right now I’m writing this press release

So I continue to focus on the process because that’s what week’s end brings me joy. So I also find something that you’re passionate about. So this really switches the script around. But understand that with this comes not giving something excess meaning excess potential because it’s not so far away. So my goals now are more of a daily or weekly thing versus a yearly thing of looking out a year and saying that dollar amount.

Now it’s more so about seeing it from a more neutral point of view of understanding the excess potential and giving things more of a neutral type of meaning because I’m just naturally taking action from a certain point of view. You see the funny thing is too it’s all relative right. Think about this by the time you have a goal. Of a goal for a long time of hitting a million dollars.

And I remember I went to bed one day and had 98000 I was like Oh I hit it in like a week or two and I went to bed at night and woke up the next day at 1:00 or 2:00 or 101 overnight I had made what I had in mind.

And you know the next day for about a couple of hours is really cool. Yes, I did it put on all this work done a Press Release a day for hundreds of days and it worked. But this is the thing. By the time 100000 comes, it becomes the natural set point it becomes just a part of my natural day.

And then the ante gets raised right. And 200000 something like that. And what I mean by this is when you get to your goal understand it’s not going to feel the way you think it is because you must train yourself in the present moment to feel whole and complete right now so that by the time you get to that goal you’ve already practiced the feeling of gratitude. You’ve already practiced the feeling of happiness and then you can actually feel it.

If we are always putting it into the future our happiness in the future our happiness will always be in the future no matter for a millionaire no matter if we will have a hundred million dollars or we have a hundred thousand dollars or whatever it is whatever a bolus doesn’t matter because we’re training our minds to look for it in the future.

So understand that this is about understood that about having the awareness that it is more about the neutral point of view it is more about creating in the process than the end result and making the process something that’s much more something we can feel something much more visceral now you could still up to your vibrational frequency up your emotions in your state of being and feeling good a majority of the time but you don’t have to be feeling like a 10 out of 50 down to ten might just a static blissful miss all the time that just might not be practical. To view it more from awareness or satisfaction of peacefulness and as you take action towards that you’ll get closer and closer.

So to do this remember what you want to do take out the importance by realizing that you don’t want to put it into the future and that you don’t want to have a goal that’s too far away. You want it to be something you could really view now. So have more of a larger goal but put it in the background and focus on taking action on things that are much closer.

So if you’re for example trying to grow your online subscribers instead of focusing on the year goal of having x amount of subscribers what you would do is you would think about how can you focus on getting so many subscribers per day. But I understand once again subscribers are the result of adding value subscribers. Another result of an energetic type frequency that you feel when you’re doing your passion.

That’s an energetic response to me doing my passion and because I’m aware of that I am not putting excess potential excess meaning onto subscribers onto money. I want to create my life. You see it’s more of a byproduct. So don’t have your goals be money don’t have your goals be a certain house have that in the background but know that as it’s more about the process those things are a side effect of that energetic connection as you do that you can take away the importance by realizing that it is cool that certain things happen you can create from a much more neutral place and more neutral state of being.

And as you do that you’ll find that everything begins to change. Now the other part of this is of course understanding that our subconscious mind is running most of our life experiences that when we change our subconscious mind everything begins to change.