Rental advertisement for apartment mentions peculiar conditions, leaves netizens in splits

As people put specific conditions while renting out their house, a rental advertisement for an apartment is going viral on social media as the landlord has mentioned peculiar conditions. As per the ad, the renter has mentioned that no poets and smoking is allowed in the apartment. As the post went viral, Twitterati wondered if there was a typo in the advertisement, and instead of “No poets”, the renting party wanted to write “No pets”. 

“Unfurnished Apartments for rent. One-bedroom apartment. All utilities included. No poets. No smoking. Available. July 1. 802-747-9094,” the ad read. The viral photo of the advertisement was shared on Twitter by a user named Dori jean (@ContentAbundant).

Netizens’ Reaction 

The post, which has prompted many to express their views, has garnered around 1.5K likes accompanied by several retweets. A Twitter user wrote, “I assume it’s supposed to say no pets? But funnier this way. More important than the no smokers, too, evidently.” Anoter user wrote, “An obvious typo; maybe they need an editor?”. A third user expressed, “Someone pls call that number and gets the entire story pls. The world wants to know”.

Image: Unsplash 

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