Qatari Forum for Authors discusses importance of book marketing

Doha: The Qatari Forum for Authors highlighted the importance of book marketing, which came within a new session of authors roundtable with the participation of several forum members.

At the opening of the session, Qatari author Jamal Fayez stressed the importance of marketing the literary product and the need to change the common thought that the writer’s work ends as soon as his book is published. He pointed out that there are many elements that the writer has to take into account during the marketing process.

Dr. Zakaria Matar discussed the importance of the marketing process as a science; its awareness is increased academically. 

He noted the importance of differentiating between traditional and e-book marketing, the importance of market study and identifying the nature of the recipient, and for the writer or marketing specialist to have a forward-looking and the ability to predict market needs.

In the same context, Dr. Dhafer Darkoshi explained the need to focus on the quality of the cultural product and then its access to the media. Therefore, it is important to study the feasibility of the cultural product; study the environment, the nature of the market and its needs, the local culture and community interests.

The writer Sondos Al Shawi highlighted the challenges facing the book during the marketing process, specially the financial ones as they tend to be expensive in case of paid advertisements. 

She stressed the importance of choosing the title and the cover-page carefully as they are the first means to attract the reader and marketing of the book.

She also stressed the importance of choosing topics that discuss current and community issues, as well as specialisation in the fields of writing.

In the same context, the writer Awatef Abdul Rahman discussed the role of social media in marketing literary works.

Director of Programs at the Qatari Forum for Authors Saleh Gharib stressed the importance of the role played by Qatari publishing houses in promoting Qatari books through Arab and international book fairs which facilitates the writer’s marketing process and contributes to the further spread of Qatari literary product. He called on writers to publish their work through various media channels and social media and not to depend totally on publishing houses.

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