Prove your Worcester knowledge with our third ‘Selfie Scavenger Hunt’!

How well do you know Worcester?  

People like to say Worcester is changing, and that’s probably true: Restaurants have opened, closed and changed hands; new folks have moved here escaping Boston-area rents, while others have migrated here to attend college; a couple of churches were demolished, and a ballpark went up. Kelley Square used to be a death trap, and now it’s a death trap shaped like a peanut.  

Still, there’s a lot of hidden gems here, and now that it’s summer, it seems a good opportunity to explore. But in case you need more prompting, we offer our Third Worcester Selfie Scavenger Hunt! If you’re new to the city, this is a great chance to see some things you might not otherwise find. If you’re a longtime resident, this is a chance to prove your knowledge. In either case, everything’s more fun when you make it a game, right?  

The Rules

1.) Take a selfie of yourself at each of the following locations. 

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