Pros And Cons Of Viral Marketing For Startups

Viral marketing has been the holy grail of digital marketing in the last decade for both startups and large corporations. It has an amazing return on investment potential, which makes it a very attractive strategy.

Yet, achieving virality is very difficult, which makes it very hard to plan for. While it might produce amazing results, your viral marketing strategy is much more likely to fall flat on its face.

Taking big risks is probably not a foreign concept for any startup founder. Yet, if you plan to rely on viral marketing it’s a good idea to do it intelligently. This article should help you get off to a good start.

What Is Viral Marketing And How To Achieve It

Viral marketing is in its essence the best-case scenario for most digital content marketing strategies. Thanks to the rise of social media any digital content has the potential to become viral. Of course, some pieces of content have a much higher chance of doing so.

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