Paramount’s The Chemistry of Death filming comes to Norfolk

With film crews spotted twice this week in Norfolk filming new Paramount+ series The Chemistry of Death, this is what we know so far.

What is The Chemistry of Death about? 

This new drama series is based on the 2006 novel of the same name by British crime fiction writer Simon Beckett.

The plot follows forensics expert Dr David Hunter who discovers a woman has been murdered while working in an isolated Norfolk village.

He is asked to help solve the murder before finding himself under suspicion from the locals.

The Chemistry of Death, a new drama series, is being filmed in Norfolk – Credit: Paramount+

Who stars in The Chemistry of Death? 

Screen Daily reports that Harry Treadaway plays Dr David Hunter, best known for playing Victor Frankenstein in the horror-drama series Penny Dreadful.

It is also said to star Katie Leung, Jeanne Goursaud, Nick Blood, Amy Nuttall, David Hayman and Hardy Krüger Jr.

How many episodes will there be and where is filming taking place? 

Filming began in May for the six-episode series, each lasting 60 minutes, and it is taking place in Scotland and Norfolk. 

The Nelson Head at Horsey, Norfolk, is being used for inside scenes for a new crime series Chemistry of Death.

The Nelson Head at Horsey is being used for inside scenes for a new crime series Chemistry of Death. – Credit: Liz Coates

Who is behind the new series?

The Chemistry of Death was written by BAFTA-winning screenwriter Sukey Venables Fisher and is being directed by Richard R Clark, who also directed Outlander and War of the Worlds.

Where have crews been spotted filming in Norfolk? 

There has been much excitement after film crews were first spotted at The Nelson Head in Horsey on Tuesday (August 2) with the pub shrouded in black.

Pub manager Richi Cook said the crew had approached him several months ago and after scoping out several locations settled on the Nelson Head as their location.

He said they filmed until around 3am on Wednesday. 

They were then spotted at The Ox and Plough in Old Buckenham on Wednesday and Thursday (August 3 and 4) with temporary signage changing the pub’s name to The Black Lamb.

The popular watering hole was closed for two days while the filming took place and it is not yet known if crews are still in Norfolk.

The Ox and Plough has been turned into the Black Lamb.

The Ox and Plough has been turned into the Black Lamb. – Credit: Michael Mather (Cat)

When will The Chemistry of Death be released? 

No release date has been given yet for The Chemistry of Death. 

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