Opinion | Failed policies drive gun sales, not ‘marketing’

Regarding the July 28 news article “Gunmakers used ‘manipulative marketing’ to sell rifles, House report says”:

For many years, I did not have a gun. I did not hunt or target shoot. Where did all this manipulative marketing come from? I never saw it. I consider myself an average male who reads magazines and newspapers, yet I never once saw marketing material for me to go out and buy a gun. House Oversight Committee Chairwoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-N.Y.) indicated five companies made $1 billion over 10 years by selling civilians “military-style assault weapons.” What exactly is military-style? Is that like a Maryland-style crab cake? We have no assault weapons legally on the streets. That’s a made-up term to spark fear.

I purchased my first firearm after my house was broken into, with my wife and baby in bed. Over the years, I bought more, largely for self-defense. This oversight committee needs to understand that reducing jail time and penalties and allowing criminals to go free send people into gun shops. Politicians’ failed policies have driven the gun market.

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