Newly discovered note written by Sophie Toscan du Plantier to be presented at concert in memory of murdered filmmaker

A newly discovered note written in Ireland by murder victim Sophie Toscan du Plantier will be presented to a concert in her memory on Friday.

he French film maker was killed outside her holiday home in Toormore, near Schull, Co Cork in December 1996.

Now her brother, Bertrand Bouniol, has found a note she wrote and signed while living in Ireland.

Written in French and dated “Ireland, January 1996”, the note said: “Death seals very ancient bonds and brings the departed into an even greater human community.

“They are those whom we remember and who never leave us.” It is signed with her maiden name, Sophie Bouniol.

It will be printed in the programme for the ‘Remember Me’ concert in Schull on Friday to mark what would have been Ms Toscan du Plantier’s 65th birthday this year.

The sell-out concert, at the Harbour View Hotel, will feature selections of Sophie’s favourite music, played by local and national musicians, and is organised on a not-for-profit basis by the local community.

“Bertrand sent this message in recent days, and I found it an extraordinary document. It somehow applies to our concert,” said organiser Bill Hogan, a retired cheesemaker who knew Ms Toscan du Plantier well.

“Bertrand was going through her papers and told me, ‘look what I found.’ He sent it to me right away and said it might be relevant to Remember Me.”

“I was in contact with him again today and it relates to the death of their grandfather who passed away back then. It still seems hauntingly meaningful today.”

Ms Toscan du Plantier’s son, Pierre-Louis Baudey, who has been ill, will send a message to the audience, as will her elderly parents.

Ms Toscan du Plantier’s aunt has also pulled out of the special commemoration for health reasons. Marie-Madeleine Opalka has been advised not to fly because of leg problems.

The family will be represented by Ms Toscan du Plantier’s uncle, Jean-Pierre Gazeau, who is expected to speak at the event to thank the community for their solidarity since the murder.

Ms Toscan du Plantier was killed outside her holiday home in west Cork on the night of December 22, 1996. No one has ever been charged or convicted in Ireland of the killing.

She was 39 when she died, having sustained around 50 blows to the head from a rock and concrete block.

The Taoiseach earlier this year called her death “a stain on Irish society”.

Mr Hogan said: “We have been astonished at the number of people from all around the country who are buying tickets to express their solidarity.”

The Remember Me concert in memory of Sophie Toscan du Plantier will be held in the Harbour View Hotel in Schull on Friday at 8pm.

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