Movie Stars Successfully Transitioning to TV – 24/7 Wall St.

Many Hollywood stars stick mostly to either making movies or to starring in TV or, as of recently, in streaming services shows. Some actors, however, have chosen to expand their portfolio and have made the transition from the big to the small screen.

To assemble a list of movie stars who made the jump to TV, 24/7 Tempo reviewed credits for scores of prominent actors on Internet Movie Database, an online movie database owned by Amazon. Only performers who are mostly known for their work in motion pictures and have starred in at least two TV shows or miniseries in recent years were considered.

Given the quality of so many shows these days, it’s hardly surprising that A-list movie stars have gravitated to the small screen in recent years. Traditionally, however, it worked the other way — these are the TV stars who made a successful jump to movies.

Television networks and streaming giants such as Netflix have been praised lately for producing shows with strong and original story lines as well as big budgets. Some of the names on the list have revamped their careers in shows that range from crime dramas to horror, sci-fi, and comedies.

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