Marketing Strategist Muhammad Abdullah Shares SEO Tips To Dominate Rankings

Increasingly, companies are relying on digital marketing services, especially SEO services, to gain authority and dominate their competition. However, not all SEO ‘experts’ can deliver. That’s why we have gathered tips from one of the successful SEO observers, so that people could benefit from them by implementing them in their business.

Muhammad Abdullah has been immersed in SEO for over a decade. He hails from Pakistan. As part of our recent campaign, we asked Abdullah to share some of his favorite SEO tips, and below are few of them.

Match the user’s intent with quality content:

Before you create the content for your site, you ought to make a rundown of keywords to use that will give the best web search tool results. Utilize Google’s keyword research apparatus to track down pertinent keywords and to check the month-to-month search volume of every keyword. Run with keywords that have higher inquiry volume and lower rivalry. Try not to attempt to rank for keywords of huge brands, for example, “Google” or “YouTube”. They are excessively aggressive. Right after that, get well-researched content regarding the keywords (make sure not to stuff keywords within the content).

Keywords Targeting:

Once you’ve settled on the best keywords or expressions for every one of your site pages use them in the title Meta labels, portrayal, and the URL. For onsite content, utilize the keywords in the underlying 3 or 4 expressions of the titles on the page. Ensure you don’t over immerse your content with keywords.


Operating an online business, page or business site isn’t just about having the coolest looking site. It should be more about having a site that is not difficult to explore and using the best SEO methods to guide individuals to that site. “Content is king”, is a statement you will see in many spots that discussion about SEO. It implies that the principal thing a site needs is content. Quality ought to continuously take points of reference over amount.

 Don’t Abuse Keywords:

As expressed before don’t abuse keywords all through your content since websites like Google might rebuff you with a lower page rank for keyword stuffing your content. However long it is intelligible with great stream and appears to be legit it ought to be fine.



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