Marketing conclave at DG Vaishnav sees participation of over 700 students- The New Indian Express

By Express News Service

CHENNAI: While there will be a shift in the automobile industry, it is not clear if electric vehicles are the future, said Dinesh Jain, former CEO of Nissan Motors Private Limited and founder of  IndianMaze Advisory. He was speaking during a panel discussion on the second day of the marketing conclave organised by DG Vaishnav College on Saturday. Over 700 students took part in the two-day conclave.

“In the future, there will be a scenario where public transport will be preferred more. The change in the market will happen gradually over the span of 10-15 years. However, it is not clear if it will move towards electric vehicles,” said Jain. 

The demand-supply gap in certain models of cars is because the people in the industry thought that the demand for cars will reduce due to the pandemic. However, it went up, he said. Talking about marketing, he said it is very important to understand the sensibilities of the targeted audience failing which it could misfire. 

Narayanan, co-founder of Unschool, Sahithi Divi, director of Mohanam, and Srivas Anantharaman, co-founder of Jinglebid, were the other speakers in the panel. They told the students that conviction to solve a problem and understanding one’s limitations are important to become a successful entrepreneur. It is important to have the conviction to solve problems as it will help you to go past negative comments as well, they told the students. 

Following the discussion, Dinesh Jain and Akhil Jain, advertising and marketing professional, gave a seminar on ‘Consumer Marketing and Advertising’ respectively. 

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