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A man from London has told how just one change to his lifestyle has led to him saving more than £500 a month. Guiseppe Mangione made the big change earlier on in the year and has been saving cash ever since.

The 36-year-old from Clapham, South London recently set up an online shop called Muthapuppa where all proceeds go towards helping rescue dogs.

Starting a new business from scratch can require a razor-sharp focus so the entrepreneur decided to give up alcohol while he got his idea off the ground.

He told “I simply said no to every social event for a while.

“That wasn’t easy and meant I needed to apologise to friends and family for not being around as much.”

The entrepreneur is passionate about helping rescue dogs and has a rescue dog himself called Bear Cub.

He said: “The UK is currently in the midst of a dog welfare crisis and I wanted to help.

“I’ve always wanted to create a social enterprise that helps solve a social problem. I love dogs and have a rescue dog.

“Right now, it feels like this will be a lifelong change. I have no urge to drink again and have become so busy with the business that I can’t afford an off day.”

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He continued: “There are so many low or no alcohol alternatives now, so I can still enjoy a drink, without the hangover consequences.

“If you’re curious about giving up drinking for a while, give it a go.

“Whether it’s a permanent change or not is totally up to you.

“If you need to focus on a particular project, suffer from hangovers or post-drinking anxiety maybe give it a try?”

Guiseppe is not the only one who advocates giving up alcohol as both a way to save money and make more money.

Sean Gay who wrote Sober On A Drunk Planet – Giving Up Alcohol told how he got sober five years ago.

“Giving up alcohol has been the best money-saving thing I have ever done.

“Based on a typical week in London, the book talks about the money I could have saved over ten years if I had invested the nights out into a fund paying five percent per annum – and the total was £506,898.

“It doesn’t matter what salary you’re on, the savings you can make from getting sober are for everyone.”

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