Lady Louise Windsor could help fix major royal problem | Royal | News

Lady Louise Windsor could help with the challenges facing the monarchy in its current, slimmed-down state after her successful appearance at King Charles’s Trooping the Colour ceremony, a royal expert has claimed.

Prince Edward and Duchess Sophie’s daughter drove royal fans into a frenzy last weekend when she attended the King’s birthday celebrations in London.

She looked stunning as she beamed on her way to Buckingham Palace in a gorgeous lilac floral dress which she wore last year for the King’s Coronation.

Louise’s surprise appearance comes at a challenging time for the King’s slimmed-down monarchy, with only a few working royals available to carry out engagements following the monarch and the Princess of Wales’s cancer diagnoses this year.

Now a royal commentator touched down on the prospect of Lady Louise being a viable option for the King in order to help him “fill out” any gaps in the institution.

Veteran royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told the Express: “Her appearance [Lady Louise’s] at the Trooping clearly raises the possibility, that, should she wish to, she might one day play a part in royal life and carry out some royal engagements. She looked gorgeous and has her admirers.”

The expert added that Louise’s addition as a working royal would be “beneficial” for the Firm as there is only a handful of royals who are under 70 years of age and ready to step up and help the King.

He explained: “The myth of a “slimmed down monarchy” being desirable has been exposed, especially in circumstances which have seen two senior royals, the King and the Princess of Wales, battling cancer.

“Also the family can currently conduct far fewer royal engagements.

“Lady Louise, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, both hard-working senior royals, was not originally intended to do royal duties. She is currently in her second year at St Andrews.

“We also know she has taken up her grandfather Prince Philip’s interest in carriage driving.

“Only four working royals are under 70 and if she was keen, her participation, probably part-time, would help fill a gap which would be very beneficial to the monarchy.”

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